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Alden piqued by Maine’s remark: Relationship falling?

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards

SOME AlDub fans are worried about what they perceive is a palpable strain in the relationship of their idols. The public hasn’t noticed it yet, but the perceptive fans say there’s a certain coldness now in the way the couple regard each other when they’re off cam. We heard this started when Maine Mendoza made a joke to Alden Richards concerning his longtime gay alalay called Mama Ten.

This was after their Kalyeserye wedding when they were about to leave for their supposed honeymoon in Germany. Maine joked that Mama Ten will surely join them and when Alden said no, she said: “Mama Tey?” Alden was obviously annoyed. “Kitang-kita, napikon siya,” our source tells us.

Their relationship has never been the same since then, so we’re told. Some Maine fans are now blaming Alden and are saying he has no “utang na loob” to Maine who helped boost his career. But Alden defenders say it’s Maine who should thank Alden because she’s been in “Eat Bulaga” for two weeks last year and no one has noticed her at all as Yaya Dub. It was only when she was paired with Alden that her career soared.

Well, we’re just hoping that whatever kinks there might be in the relationship of AlDub now will soon be ironed out for the sake of their love team. And their own careers.


JC de Vera just won his first best actor award as a gay prisoner in “Best Partee Ever” shown as part of QCinema Filmfest last month. Now, he has another movie that is an entry in the Cinema One Originals Filmfest that starts showing on Monday, “Tisay”, opposite Nathalie Hart. This time he plays a barangay semi-pro basketball player who is seduced by the scheming Nathalie so he will agree to do some game fixing for his team. So which role does he find more difficult to play, the one in “Best Partee” or in “Tisay”?
“Both are challenging,” he says at the special presscon hosted by his and Nathalie’s mutual manager, Leo Dominguez. “Mahirap itong ‘Tisay’ kasi we shot the movie on actual locations in Tondo na overcrowded, masikip, sobrang dami ng tao kaya nightmare ang crowd control at ang mga tao, tumitingin sa camera. Mga ordinaryong tao lang kami, mahihirap, ayaw ng direktor namin, si Borgy Torre, na magmukha kaming artista. He wants us all  be looking so plain and common.”
Will he win another acting award? “I can’t say. It’s up to the judges, but as usual, I gave my all in portraying my role. Kung ibibigay ba sa’kin, why not? It’d be nice to win again.”
Aside from this, he is shooting another movie for Star Cinema. “It’s tentatively titled ‘Dear Other Self’ and I’m doing it with Jodi Sta. Maria and Joseph Marco, directed by Veronica Velasco. My scenes will be shot in Thailand. I’ve also started a new soap, ‘The Better Half’, a psycho-thriller with Shaina Magdayao, Carlo Aquino and Denise Laurel. Four years na ako sa ABS-CBN and they give me one soap a year.”
After its premiere night at Trinoma on Monday, the movie will then be seen at Glorietta Makati on Tuesday 2: 30 p.m. and Greenhills Theatre Mall at 6:30 PM, Glorietta on Wednesday at 5 p.m., with Q&A with the cast. For other screenings, see the Cinema One website.


WE want to commend Cinema One top honcho Ronald Arguelles for giving us the chance to watch some acclaimed foreign films in their festival that starts tomorrow. Here are some of the films you should not miss, most of them competing in the coming Oscars. You should not miss the rare chance of watching them to see if our own “Ma Rosa” has a good chance against them.
“I, DANIEL BLAKE” - This won the Palme d’Or at 2016 Cannes Filmfest where “Ma Rosa” also competed. Directed by Ken Loach (who also won for “The Wind that Shakes the Barley”), this British social-realist drama is about a widower, Daniel Blake (Dave Johns), who has a heart attack and now unable to work but the state’s uncaring welfare system fails him. His fight for dignity becomes a one-man crusade that makes quite an impact.
“THE SALESMAN” - From Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, whose “A Separation” won the Oscar best foreign film in 2012. “The Salesman” also competed in the 2016 Cannes filmfest and won the best actor award for Shahab Hosseini (our own Jaclyn Jose won the best actress award then). It will compete in next year’s Oscars, along with “Ma Rosa”. It tells the story of a couple who play the lead roles in their own version of the classic Miller play, “Death of a Salesman”.
“FIRE AT SEA - FUOCOAMARRE” - The entry of Italy in next year’s Oscars, it’s set in the island of Lampedusa off Sicily which hit the headlines as the port of call for hundreds of thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East fleeing from wars and unrest to migrate to Europe. The film focuses on 12-year old boy Samuel and how life goes on in his island until it’s affected by the influx of refugees.
“FRANTZ” - From acclaimed French director Francois Ozon, the film is set in a small German village after the First World War. Anna (Paula Beer) visits the grave of her boyfriend named Frantz, a soldier who was killed in combat in France. One day, she sees a Frenchman, Adrien (Pierre Niney), also visiting the grave of Frantz and this starts her journey in discovering more facts about her boyfriend.
“THE UNTAMED” - This Mexican film from Director Amat Escalante won him the Silver Lion for Best Director at the Venice Filmfest (where “Babaeng Humayo” won the Golden Lion). It’s about a couple with a troubled marriage who find a meteorite that leads their encounter with a mysterious creature who turn their lives upside down, bringing both happiness and destruction. More foreign film entries tomorrow.