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No plans to run in NE gubernatorial race -- Ate Vi

  • Written by Steve Gosuico
  • Published in Provincial
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CABANATUAN City -- Former Batangas governor and now Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto has denied speculations that she is running for governor in Nueva Ecija in 2019.

Santos-Recto, wife of Senator Ralph Recto, said she has “NP” or no plans as  far as governorship of Nueva Ecija is concerned.

“Yes, I am a Novo Ecijano but I have no plans whatsoever of running for governor of Nueva Ecija,” Santos-Recto replied when asked about the rumor.

The name of the actress-turned-politician is being floated by her cousin Cabanatuan Mayor Julius Cesar Vergara, as a possible opponent of incumbent Nueva Ecija Gov. Czarina Umali who won by landslide over a Vergara ally in the last elections.
Vergara, husband of third district Rep. Rosanna Vergara, said Santos-Recto is the likely candidate to run against Czarina in an all-woman showdown in 2019.
Vergara’s camp is convinced that only somebody with Santos-Recto’s popularity could topple the Umalis, who have ruled the province since 2007, ending the 48-year reign of the Josons.    
Santos-Recto won as representative of the 6th district of Batangas, and became the first female representative of the province.
Santos-Recto has been setting records and was the first newcomer at the House of Representatives to be named chairperson of a committee -- the Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation.
“The important thing is if a public servant is doing good, then he or she deserves our support,” Santos-Recto stressed.