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Abolition of Negros Island Region nixed

  • Written by Bernadette E. Tamayo
  • Published in Provincial
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SENATORS Bam Aquino and Migz Zubiri have pressed for the continued recognition of the existence of the Negros Island Region (NIR) amid the report that the Duterte administration plans to abolish it.

Zubiri filed Senate Resolution 203 citing the importance of creating administrative regions, which were established to promote efficiency in the government, accelerate social and economic development and improve public services.
“With the creation of the Negros Island Region, the national government agencies can focus more on alleviating the high level of poverty in the two Negros provinces and stimulating public investments needed for progress,” said Zubiri.
He said that Executive Order 183 issued on May 29, 2015 created the Negros Island Region and carved Negros Occidental from Western Visayas (Region VI), and Negros Oriental from Central Visayas (Region VII).
EO 183 created a region for the two adjacent provinces to further accelerate the social and economic development of the cities and municipalities for the improvement of the delivery of public services in the aforementioned provinces.
Aquino filed SRN 212 calling for an inquiry into the government’s plan to repeal EO 183 since doing so may not be conducive to the economic development of the area.
“Abolishing the NIR now would deprive the Negrense people of a critical pathway to economic development and poverty alleviation,” said Aquino.
He said that despite the fact that the Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental are both first class provinces, their capitals, however, have different income classifications that resulted to the disparity in funding that each provinces get compared to the other provinces in its previous regions.