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Bizaare... 'ghost car' accounts

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Ghost car in Wildwood Canyon

“THIS is 100% a true story. There’s a place near Yucipa CA called Wildwood Canyon... lots of curves, etc.

I was behind a car going too slow so I passed and saw there was no one in the car. The wheel was turning/driving by itself. I was in shock. This was 1986. It was an old boxy styled car. Anyway, a couple months or so later, my friend was in the car with me when it happened again. My friend stuck her head out the window and looked inside the car and nobody was in the car. A lot of weird stuff happens in that canyon but that was the craziest I’ve seen!!”

Source: bkiewert, YouTube Comments

Driverless truck in convoy

I’M hesitant to post this, but when I was 15 riding down US-131 with my Dad driving, we saw a National Guard convoy with one driverless truck in it.

There were five identical trucks and the one in middle had NO driver. The other four all had two or three Guardsmen in their cabs, but the middle one was empty. Traffic was light, so we drove in the passing lane for a while trying to look at it from every available angle. We did this several times and each time the whole convoy would speed up and slow down relative to our car. This middle truck was identical to the others except that it had tinted windows. My Dad figured it was some sort of experimental RC device they were testing and I myself am inclined to agree, as I’ve never come up with a better explanation. If you google image “lmtv truck”, it looked like the first image to come up, only with a different back.

Source: arachnonixon, YouTube Comments

The cars had no drivers

“I WAS five or six years old when I used to sit in our front yard and watch cars go by on what was the major thoroughfare of Park Forest, IL, in the 60s -- Western Avenue.
One day I noticed with horror that NONE of the cars had drivers! I stared and stared but could see no one driving the usual number of afternoon cars. I got so excited I ran into to tell my mother. Of course she didn’t believe me, or come to look. When I went back outside, cars had drivers again.”

Source: smuckwap, YouTube Comments/Transcribed by JLB