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2 rookie MPD cops locked up for poking gun, nearly killing 5 men

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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TWO rookie policemen are now in detention at the Manila Police District-General Assignment and Investigation Section (MPD-GAIS) after they allegedly pointed a gun, harmed and nearly killed a group of five men early yesterday morning in Quiapo, Manila.

They were identified as PO1 Jervy Flores Fusilero, 28, of the Pasig City Police Station and residing at 54 Barangka Ibaba, Mandaluyong City; and PO1 Michael Animay Galut, 33, of the Sta. Ana Police Station and residing at 1120 Vergara St., Quiapo, Manila. Charges of attempted homicide, physical injuries, grave threats and drunk and disorderly conduct have been filed against them.
Investigation made by SPO2 James Poso of the MPD-GAIS showed that the arrest of the two cops stemmed from a complaint filed by Raymond Mendoza, 20, a vendor and Quiapo residents Reynaldo Santos, 17, Henson Resma, 18, Ronald Buela, 25, and Christopher Dinglasan, 24.
The victims told police that they were on their way to the barangay hall on Sales Street to return some things they borrowed for Mendoza’s birthday when the two cops, wearing black jackets and whom they said were reeking with liquor, suddenly appeared and pointed their guns at the youngsters for no reason as they reached the corner of Estero de Segado and Paterno Street in Quiapo.
Mendoza reportedly raised his hands in surrender as Galut managed to grab him by the collar while his companions backed away, but the two policemen still allegedly proceeded with harming Mendoza.
Mendoza reportedly fled but was pursued by the two cops. On seeing that Mendoza’s companions were trailing behind them, they allegedly trained their guns at the victim’s friends so they scampered for safety.
At one point, Galut allegedly pointed his gun at Mendoza’s head and pulled the trigger but it did not go off, prompting all his companions to flee and seek help from the Plaza Miranda Police Community Precinct (PCP), resulting in the duo’s arrest at the corner of Rizal Avenue and Soler Street in Sta. Cruz, Manila.
The two were disarmed, arrested and charged accordingly while their service firearms were confiscated. Reportedly, the two cops are close friends who were even classmates and that they had just celebrated the birthday of Galut.
The victims, meanwhile, said they had no idea that the two were policemen and were also clueless why the cops were mad at them.