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3 alarming shooting incidents

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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At least three shooting incidents that occurred this week remain unresolved and may be a cause for alarm.

Twenty-three-year-old Jollibee crew member Alvin John Mendoza, of 2368 Pasig Line St., Sta. Ana, Manila, died on the spot due to multiple gunshot wounds in different parts of the body when six men on board three plateless motorcycles riddled him with bullets.
The male suspects, who were said to be wearing either bonnets or masks, attacked the victim while he was peacefully having his meal at an eatery at around 1:30 a.m.
A couple of days later, 25-year-old Jonathan Flores, said to be an ex-convict, was also felled by bullets from two men who aided each other and also are yet to be identified. He also died instantly, this time  due to five gunshot wounds in the head and body.
Allegedly a member of a notorious jail gang, Flores was reportedly released from jail only recently, after having served time for robbery. He got shot at about 1 a.m. in Vitas, Tondo, while merely walking on his way home.
This week’s string of violent shooting incidents was capped by the death of Barangay Chairman Rico Echalos, 47, in the hands of four armed men on board two motorcycles who ambushed and sprayed him with bullets, also  while he was walking on his way home in Binondo.
Echalos suffered at least 13 gunshot wounds and the suspects likewise wore bonnets and helmets and notably, the shooting happened at 9 p.m. in the busy area of Gandara and Ongpin Streets in Binondo.
Three shooting incidents happening all in  a week’s time is just one shooting too many.

* * *
Street rumbles also happen left and right in the wee hours of the morning, involving minors.
Also within the week, 15-year-old Raymond Rogon was stabbed by still unidentified suspects during a rumble in Tondo. Fortunately for him, he survived three stab wounds in the head, two in the back and another two in one of his arms.
Mind you, the suspects are all minors, too, who, as usual, also remain unidentified and scot-free.

* * *
This is what I’ve been saying all along. While the campaign against illegal drugs is undoubtedly a welcome and laudable development, Manila, a huge city as it is, has more problems than just drugs that need equal, if not more, attention.
I hate to think that some police officers are more preoccupied with drug operation, knowing fully well that President Rodrigo Duterte is putting much focus on resolving the country’s drug problem.

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Jokjok (from Teddyboy Vergara of Tramo, Pasay City) -- Bata (nangungulit ng nagtitinda ng fishball): Manong! May ubas ho kayong tinda?/ Manong: Wala!/ (Kinabukasan) Bata: Manong, may ubas kayo?/ Manong (nainis ng konti): Ikaw na naman? Wala nga e! Kapag bukas nagtanong ka pa sa ulit sakin kung may ubas ako, ie-stapler ko na ’yang bunganga mo!/ (Kinabukasan ulet) Bata: Manong, may stapler kayo?/ Manong (nagbuntong-hininga): Wala!/ Bata: Heheh. May ubas kayo?         

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