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Kind words from UN

It was a good thing that the United Nations made the clarification.

As the global forum and deliberative body for settling international issues, it was only proper for the UN to define its position on Philippine domestic affairs.

President Duterte’s relentless anti-drug war has earned criticism and other negative feedback from the United States, the European Union and the UN for its violent and bloody consequences.

But the Duterte administration insists that they are results of regular police operations against illegal drugs.

And so it is both reassuring and refreshing to hear kind words from a UN representative.

UN representative to the Philippines Ola Almgren on Monday said that the relationship of the United Nations with the Philippines remains intact.
This despite the controversial statements made by President Rodrigo Duterte toward the international community.
For the UN, they would continue to work as a development partner in peace building and humanitarian efforts.
“The relationship of the Philippines and the United Nations is not defined by one single issue. It’s much broader than that,” Almgren said.
“I remain firm in my belief that the excellent relationship that we have had here over the years is going to continue also for the future,” he added.
United Nations representatives, together with other international organizations, were present at the launching of Angat Buhay — the flagship program of the Office of the Vice President.
Gathered in the same room, the project hopes to broker partnerships between 50 pilot municipal local government units and potential partners in an effort to hasten delivery of aid to impoverished communities.
(In barangays, the residents come to us directly then we coordinate with organizations that can help us.)
Vice President Leni Robredo is happy that despite the country’s issues with the international community, they still decided to extend their help to the poorest communities in the country.
“Despite the noise out there, the truth is, many are still willing to come together and build bridges.  Many have come to the OVP offering help,”  Robredo said.
Earlier the President’s outburst against US President Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and EU officials threatened to sour relations between Manila and foreign capitals.
But Malacañang was quick to clarify that such rhetoric carries no significant weight in reckoning official presidential pronouncements.
In a way, the guy is just letting off steam.
Doesn’t everyone else?