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Five paranormal encounters with tiny people

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IN this article, examples are offered of encounters with Lilliputian people from the annals of ‘paranormal phenomena,’ encompassing two separate accounts about occurrences witnessed during materialization seances; details of the newspaper report about the publication of unusual photographs of tiny flying ‘faeries’ in 2014; and testimonials of two flying saucer ‘contactees’ from 1959 and 1968, respectively.

Previous articles at this blog report about the materialization mediumship of ‘Eva C.’ (1, 2, 3) chronicled in the case study books Phenomena of Materialization (1920) by Baron Albert Von and Clairvoyance and Materialisation (1927) by Dr. V. Gustave Geley.  Nandor Fodor wrote inEncyclopaedia of Psychic Science (1934) about the phase of Eva’s career when she was “under the care of her adoptive mother, Mme. Juliette Alexandre-Bisson, between 1909-13” during the Bissons’ experiments in association with Von Notzing.

Although Mme. Bisson’s 1917 book has not been translated into English, Fodor’s article on “Materialisation” mentions what may be the single most startling incident observed by Bisson.

On May 25, 1921, Mme. Bisson observed the materialisation on Eva’s hand of a naked female eight inches high, with a beautiful body, long fair hair, brilliantly white skin.  It vanished and returned several times and either her hair was differently arranged or her height grew less.  The little figure performed various gymnastic exercises and finally stood on Mme. Bisson’s extended hand.

Charles Richet noted in Thirty Years of Psychical Research (1923)

At the Copenhagen Congress (vide Revue Métapsychique, p. 364) Mme. Bisson read a report of some astounding facts that must be admitted in despite of their wild improbability, because of the known exactitude of Mme. Bisson’s experimental methods.  The events narrated took place on May 25, 1921, before six persons in full daylight.  The ectoplasm, called “the substance” by Mme. Bisson, was transformed into a tiny nude woman, beautifully formed, apparently alive and who moved her limbs.  Her size changed rapidly.  Eva took her and placed her on the hands of Mme. Bisson where she remained about ten seconds, long enough for those present to verify that she seemed alive.

Below are ten of the unexpected materialization photographs documented in the case.  Readers seeing these photos for the first time need to understand that the photographs were taken under controlled conditions by scientifically-minded researchers.  One of the things they learned is that artistic rendering can also be accomplished from the ‘Other Side.’  The standing ‘phantom’ was a recurring ectoplasmic “apparition” (figures 156, 157, 159, 198).  Click on each photo for an enlargement.
Nandor Fodor’s chapter on ‘Materialisation’ also mentioned an incident from Gladys Osborne Leonard’s autobiography My Life in Two Worlds (1931).  Gladys was a psychic/trance medium who described the seance room materialization of “a tiny man and woman.”  She has been the topic of two previous blog articles (1, 2).  Gladys began her career as a professional medium in 1915.  The following incident occurred during the years of World War II when she and her husband participated in a seance with a well-known materializing medium.  The materialization sittings were an occasionally recurring experience for her.
Occasionally, we had materialization of a different kind altogether, little spontaneous happenings that were very interesting indeed.  For instance, the whole circle were concentrating on watching a form endeavoring to show himself by the light of the illuminated slate, which was not very strong that night as the medium had neglected to re-cover it with phosphorescent paint, for which he got a good scolding from his Guides during the sitting.  My husband was sitting with his feet and knees rather wide apart.     
His gaze was suddenly diverted from the materialized spirit to a kind of glow near his feet.  Looking down, he saw a tiny man and woman, between 12 and 18 inches high, standing between his knees.  They were holding hands and looking up into my husband’s face, as if they were thinking, “What on earth is that?”  They seemed to be as interested, if not more so, in him, and the details of his appearance, as he was in theirs.  He was too astonished to call anybody else’s attention to the tiny people, who were dressed in bright green, like the pictures of elves and fairies, and who wore little pointed caps.  A slight glow surrounded them, or emanated from them, he wasn’t sure which, but it was strong enough for him to see their little faces and forms clearly.  After a moment or two they disappeared, apparently melting into the floor.
Gladys mentioned the variety of physical manifestations, some resembling “masks” while at other times were seen the “entire forms” of what she termed “operators” with “every detail of their clothing” noticeable.  Sometimes, “the results were very poor, the materialization consisting of indistinct, blurred features that might have belonged to anybody.”  The following excerpt shows her keen awareness of the limited understanding of people without personal experience of seance room manifestations.
As the spirit of one man, who was killed in the war, said to his mother at a later sitting, referring to his attempts to show her his face, “Mum, I felt as if I looked more like a badly boiled suet pudding than anything else.”
If a skeptic had been present at one of these unsatisfactory sittings, he might have been forgiven for thinking that the whole thing was either a clumsy fraud, or worthless for the purpose of proving human survival.
Based on the circumstances chronicled in these incidents reported by Juliette Alexandre-Bisson and Gladys Osborne Leonard -- along with all the reports of ‘simulacrum’ (1, 2, 3) seance manifestations -- one can consider how Arthur Conan Doyle approached the infamous Cottingley Fairies photographs with an open mind.  In 2014, newspapers reported about John Hyatt’s ‘faeries’ photographs, such as the ones below that were published in the Manchester Evening News.
John Hyatt was reported to have insisted his photos are genuine and have not been altered in any way.  The newspaper article reported: “John Hyatt, Director of Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) at Manchester Metropolitan University snapped images of what he claims are the tiny winged creatures whilst out photographing the Lancashire landscape over the last two years.” 
He is quoted: “It was a bit of a shock when I blew them up, I did a double take. I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look the same. People can decide for themselves what they are. The message to people is to approach them with an open mind.”
A follow-up newspaper article is entitled: “Pictured: Photographers around the world swamp professor with new images of fairies” while a variety of ‘fairy’ sighting videos are available on You Tube.
Another incident involving a minuscule person may be heard in an interview with Orfeo Angelucci by Long John Nebel.  The audio clip is featured in Nebel’s 1966 phonograph record “The Flying Saucer Story” (available on You Tube although only half of the featured contactees are credible).  Further details are provided in Angelucci’s book The Son of the Sun(1959).   

Angelucci spoke calmly:
I entered the door and at the table nearest the door was a very, very handsome man.  And as I approached, he says, “Greetings, Orfeo.  Sit down.”  And I say, “You have a third glass here.  Is someone with you?”  He looked at the glass and he was surprised.  He said, “I don’t know how that happened.  I only ordered two glasses.”  He asked me to order.  Then he asked me if I wanted a bottle of beer.  I said, “No.  Not tonight.”  So he says, “Good.”  He lifted the pitcher of water from the table and poured it into my glass.  Then he went into his pocket and he said, “Then how about some of the best champagne in the world?”  He took out a little pellet and dropped it in my glass.  And it started to fizzle like his own.  So he’s told me to call him nothing but Adam.  He -- two months ago, discovered he had nine months to live.  He had cancer.  And it’s incurable.  Anyhow, he says, “Eat up.  Let’s dine and just get acquainted for the time being.”  I noticed that his glass was filling itself with water.  But no one had poured it in there.  So we went on for a while and as the dessert approached, I heard music coming from the glass.  It was subdued music. He said, “Wait a minute.  On this pitcher here the water was up to this black spot.  Now it’s down here.”  He said, “But the pellet --”  He went in his pocket and he says, “Wait, I’m supposed to have four.”  He took out the pellets.  There were only three.  He said, “What they were doing was sublimating the water or evaporating it from the pitcher into the glass by remote control and sublimated the pellet in his pocket over into the glass so that no one ever actually saw the process.”  Of course, I know now that he had -- had either experience with space visitors or that he himself was one.  And then I looked up at him and noticed that he was looking now intently into the glass.  He had a little smile on his face yet tears were streaming down his eyes, landing right on the table before me.  And I thought, “What is it -- what is it that he -- is going on.  I looked at the glass and now there was the -- well, the figure of a girl dancing in it with blonde hair.  A little miniature woman just dancing to the music and the music itself became more spirited as she danced.  I never saw such dancing before.  I immediately -- I thought, “Well Adam is either recalling someone or he’s had an experience out of this world -- literally out of this world” when she disappeared.  She never looked at me.  She always looked toward him but in the finale when the music ended with the crash she suddenly whirled and went on her knee and looked toward me.  But she had a very grim aspect on her face as though to say, ‘You don’t know now but you soon will -- why and what Adam is experiencing now.’  And with that gesture -- that is when she got down on her knee, bowed like in a curtsey and that grim look toward me as much as to tell me, ‘You too will know what Adam is now experiencing someday’ -- she completely disappeared.  That was the end of the dance and the music ceased.
There are seven previous blog articles about the Orfeo Angelucci case.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
A flying saucer contactee of the 1960s is UK reporter Arthur Shuttlewood, the subject of 14 previous blog articles.  The following anecdote was mentioned in one of these articles yet here I am presenting the passage in its entirety except for the omission of a few sentences about an occurrence at his place of employment that evidently is of little significance.
Study the following dramatic story carefully, before condemning the two people concerned as outrageous liars.  Both are absolute realists with nothing to gain from verbal weaving of untruth.  They do not hanker for notoriety or dubious fame.  Their character and standing in Warminster are high.
Here, in brief, is the astounding series of personal involvements in the aggregate that presents us with evidence that UFOs and their crews make a special appeal, when it suits their purpose, to the most practical and down-to-earth persons in bizarre ways.
It was on the night of Monday, January 15th of 1968 that they drove up Portway (where the author lives) and headed towards Elm Hill, about a mile short of Cradle Hill.  Both of placid temperament, they were completely at ease until the short burst of aerial activity broke their phlegmatic calm.
They had reached the traffic roundabout at the junction of the foot of the hill and Westbury Road when a fiery UFO swept across their vision, from right to left, from Cop Heap towards the silent downs.  The car engine began to seize, choke and sputter.
It did not affect the woman, who was in the passenger seat next to the driver.  She shielded her eyes from the bright glare of the spaceship in close proximity as it swooped down to the front of the car and swiftly upward.  She was then intent on looking left to see where it went after blistering their sight.
The man, however, felt two terrific stabbing pains, high up on either side of his chest. He collapsed at the wheel, slumping over while managing to break the vehicle to a halt.  He remembers little else...
After going to work the next day, he “received a strange phone call, urging him to be at Heaven’s Gate, on the Longleat Estate of Lord Bath, at 9 p.m. three days later.  He and the woman went on the Thursday, not knowing what to expect, staying in the car park opposite.”
At three minutes past the appointed hour, the female espied a UFO.  It tilted from side to side, overhead, then flew straight to Heaven’s Gate and dropped with the suddenness of a stricken bird.  The two companions keeping a weird assignment with the unknown clambered over chainlink fencing and tore across the grass.
They sped along the avenue, between trees and bushes, and on the downward slope just beyond the ‘gate’ proper (one has a glorious view of stately Longleat House from here) was the saucer.  Shocks were in store for the middle-aged couple.
It ceased to spin, the glow lessened in intensity, as it virtually lay on the sloping ground.  They found it difficult, almost impossible, to grasp an amazing fact which staggered them in that tense moment . . . The craft was literally no larger than a soup plate!  The two rendezvous keepers gasped.
Then a golden ladder, fine in texture as gossamer, appeared from the base of the miniature spaceship, down which climbed tiny elfin figures no more than four inches in height.  There were more than two dozen of them altogether.  Stepping away from the landed craft, now blacked out, each in turn zoomed up to the height of the man and woman standing there, dumbstruck, aghast and refusing to credit the testimony of their eyes.
They shook hands with the two Warminster people politely.  They were perfectly normal and friendly, as though knowing them well.  After a few minutes of small talk, inconsequential yet enlivened by broad smiles from the ‘visitors,’ they invited the male to take a journey with them in their machine to see some of the hidden wonders of his own world.
Staggered still, yet no longer fearful in face of their warming presence, he agreed.  The woman was left behind, holding the car keys and personal effects.  To her further amazement, all were again dwarfed in size -- including her companion, this time.  They ascended the golden ladder, cobweb fine.
A whistling noise accompanied the lift-off, the craft rising with a spinning and slightly agitated motion until in free flight.  It became larger as it soared up, stopping momentarily well above the treetops before continuing its flight.  It soon faded from sight.
The woman, alone in the darkness, waited there for eight hours until past 5 a.m., when her friend returned, dismounted in pygmy stature from the reminiaturized craft and assumed normal height of almost six feet on nearing her.
I will quote what she told me, descriptive of her mixed emotions as he went into the shining spacecraft with the occupants at about 9.10 p.m.  “Arthur, you may think me mad -- that is up to you and makes no difference to me.  But I swear it is true.
“I could have stooped down, plucked the saucer from the ground and held it in one hand, everyone aboard, it was so small.  When I saw B -- reduced in size, the same as the others, before he went up the ladder into the machine, my heart almost broke in two.  I could have cried over him!”
Frankly, in spite of the quiet and sombre way in which she gave me the bizarre story, I laughed at loud at this remarkable revelation, until the man -- who had not spoken at all, leaving it to his friend -- released one specific piece of information which I had already gained from a contact.
To the best of my knowledge, very few others knew of it at that time.  It concerned the state of the inner core or central ball of Earth.  The man knew of this, now; that was all he was ‘permitted’ to tell me to substantiate the fact of his journey.  It was enough to convince me that the couple had indeed undergone a chimerical and unnerving experience that was more than a vague imprint on their minds or a traumatic experience.
Further details he gave me, later, in an indirect way as though it germinated from his own reasoning and not that of others, with regard to buried cities, communities and mountain chains lying deep under large oceans, caused me to guess intuitively where his trip had carried him on the glowing spaceship.
Shuttlewood deduced from this incident: “These ‘people’ have the ability to change form, size and dimension.  This, with applied thought, explains much that has puzzled us in the past during our investigations.”  Upon reading about this incident in Shuttlewood’s Warning from Flying Friends (1968), I was reminded of the 1995 interviews with the family experiencing what had been called ‘talking poltergeist’ phenomena in Centrahoma, Oklahoma.  Family members had told me about hearing something with a motor land on top of their car on one occasion and I told them in response, “Well, that’s a UFO.” The incident was mentioned in one of the numerous articles at this blog about the Centrahoma case: “Excerpts from Centrahoma Interview Transcripts”.  Some of the photographic evidence of the Centrahoma case may be seen in the article “Five Centrahoma Photographs.”