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DU30’s ‘Dilemma’ is over

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
  • Published in Opinion
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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is probably getting good advices lately and one of them is keeping himself away from issues regarding Sen. Leila De Lima.

It’s better for Duterte to leave De Lima alone and allow the House of Representatives to do its job in finding the truth about the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prisons.

Although De Lima has a lot of ‘balls’ to challenge Duterte, she is still a woman and fighting her won’t do good to any man especially the President.
Duterte already did his job to expose wrongdoings allegedly committed by De Lima and as it appears, the senator is already paying a high price for it.
The House probe, which is by the way being handled superbly by Justice Committee chairman Rep. Reynaldo Umali,   is revealing a lot of information very beneficial to the public but  seriously damaging to De Lima.
The manifestations of the witnesses are so damaging one could think De Lima would not survive the investigation. This early, there are speculations of De Lima being booted out of the Senate or even being incarcerated because all the witnesses point to her as the protector of the biggest illegal drug market in the country which is Bilibid when she was still chief of the Justice Department.
Bilibid is the home of thousands of  convicted criminals that has turned out to be the center of  multi-billion transactions for illegal drugs during the previous administration. These drugs are found to be the reason for the high incidence of criminality in the country which is being addressed now by Duterte.
If one had seen the video produced by the Discovery Channel and shown during the first day of the House probe, he could easily tell why there were many rape, kidnapping, murder and other criminal activities in the archipelago before Duterte took over the presidency.
The footage showed the country’s criminals are not being punished for their crimes. Shockingly, the clip showed  they were being nourished to become even healthier and richer felons while millions of our law-abiding people succumbed to abject poverty.
The simple idea here is that such shouldn’t have happened if De Lima did his job as DoJ secretary during the Aquino government. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand the revelations of PNP chief for operations Gen. Benjamin Magalong about the Oplan Cronus and discover how the previous DoJ leadership is determined to preserve the illegal drugs business inside Bilibid. 
But what’s the people really getting mad about is the growing conclusion that De Lima profited from it. Putting the claims of the witnesses altogether, it could conclude that she profited much from something that resulted to the death of many Filipinos who were victims of rape, murder, kidnapping and more gruesome crimes.
How would the families of those who died because of such crimes feel about De Lima now especially if they voted for her in the last elections? Would they still believe that the senator is fighting for human rights? The same goes for her colleagues and the simple man on the street. Would they still trust De Lima?
I understand Duterte’s utter hate for illegal drugs. But I don’t think Duterte needs to pound more on De Lima. The President may now let the system take care of her.
She’s done, anyway.