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Foul-mouthed staff demoralizes Customs employees

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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Direct hit

A foul-mouthed staff at one of the higher echelons’ offices at the Bureau of Customs (BoC) is said to have been succeeding, not in helping its Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon get full cooperation from the employees or meet the agency’s target but rather, in making enemies.

Well-placed sources in the bureau said that the sentiments of the BoC’s rank-and-file and their move to petition for the said staff’s ouster is not without basis.

The said staff, they said, entered the bureau as a mere ‘contractual employee.’  Not that we look down on contractual employees, but when one such employee throws his weight around and acts bossier than the boss, it’s a totally different story. More so, if he is into cussing at and shaming employees at his whim and caprice.

Boasting of strong connections and of his brother, a general, being the one responsible for his employment at the BoC, the said staff, in less than 100 days since the Duterte administration began, had already caused a great deal of demoralization among the rank-and-file employees, all of whom are of higher status than the said staff, at least in any governmental office’s set-up.

The said staff, according to his ‘victims’, is a ‘know-it-all’ guy who finds pleasure in meddling with the tasks of regular employees who have been doing their jobs for years and in fact can perform their functions with eyes closed.
As if meddling is not enough, the said ‘boy alam’ guy would also cuss and shout at anyone anytime he feels like it, with no regard whatsoever to the embarrassment he causes such employees.
Worse, after blurting out expletives, the said foul-mouthed staff would go to the extent of dropping the name of Faeldon in what he does, thus making the employees feel that all the cussing, shaming, meddling and expletives are sanctioned by Faeldon himself.
I was told that the said guy deals with those who transact with the BoF in the same rude manner, to the chagrin of brokers and the like.
Having sat in just a couple of months or so, the said foul-mouthed staff has already been complained of  before the personnel department of the Aduana agency for using expletives and ‘below the belt’ language when talking to employees and even brokers.
If it is true that one regular employee in the bureau nearly suffered a heart attack after being brutally shamed by the said staff in front of so many other employees and even officials of BoC, then the guy must really be that annoying.
I have heard of ugly stories about how some infighting at the BoC ends up or the manner by which it is ‘resolved’ outside the office. I hope something is done about the problem before anything bad happens.
This constant display of ugly behavior by the said staff, if true, smacks of the professionalism and courtesy required of government employees, more so at an office as big as the BoC.

The rank-and-file BoC employees and even the brokers too, are all professionals who deserve some degree of respect and being in government -- no matter how high the position -- is not  license to step down on people whom you think are below you.
I would like to give Commissioner Faeldon the greatest benefit of the doubt that he is not aware of what the said foul-mouthed staff does to the employees, especially of his (Faeldon’s) name being dropped constantly in such dastardly acts.

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