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PVAO taps PHLPost’s service

  • Written by Mia B. Billones
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THE Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has been tapped by the Philippine Veteran’s Affairs Office (PVAO) to facilitate the nationwide delivery of status verification forms and monitoring of its accomplishments by PVAO pensioners, particularly those residing in far-flung areas.

The PVAO is mandated to provide immediate and adequate care, benefits and other forms of assistance to war veterans of military campaigns, their surviving spouses and orphans and provide mechanism to ensure that pensions are received only by eligible and legitimate pensioners to effectively prevent losses of fund to the government.

PHLPost and PVAO signed the agreement in order to determine the living status of the pensioners and gather other information for the same purpose in ensuring the uninterrupted payment or appropriate termination of pension.

PHLPost agrees to effectively and promptly deliver, through personal delivery by postman,  the PVAO status verification forms to pensioner, particularly those residing in areas that are geographically distant from the PVAO Fields Service Extension Offices, but with available post offices.

The Pensioner’s Verification Program is expected to clean any discrepancy on list of valid pensioners who received monthly pension from the PVAO. It is important to re-validate the pensioner’s status to avoid the suspension of the pensioner’s benefits.
Under the agreement, the PVAO shall issue a letter to pensioner authorizing PHLPost to undertake personal verification during their home visit activity. The agency will provide PHLPost electronically the list of pensioners for verification with the following data: Full name, present address and postal code, contact number, date of birth, picture of pensioner and name of guardian.
The PVAO will also provide PHLPost the guidelines for verification, if the pensioners are still alive, if deceased and the whereabouts of the pensioners. The postman will deliver to pensioners their individual verification forms and capture the latest photo, biometrics date (fingerprint impressions) and other information about the pensioner and transmit the accomplished Status Verification Forms.
The project shall involve the nationwide verification of the PVAO pensioners, including pensioners from the NSO lists of deceased persons, which cannot be validated by the PVAO through records matching and phone verification.