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Socgen defends FM Libingan burial anew

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SOLICITOR General Jose Calida yesterday defended anew the government’s decision to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

President Rodrigo Duterte insisted that Marcos’ burial at the hero’s cemetery will bring healing to the country.
Calida scored opponents of the interment who feared it might reopen old wounds from the dictatorship era.
“Some people are just bitter and they cannot want to forgive,” Calida said, stressing that there is already a law (Republic Act 10368) that mandates the reparation of victims of Martial Law abuses.
Last week, Calida argued for the controversial interment before the Supreme Court, telling the justices that Duterte acted within his authority under the law and Constitution to give Marcos – a former president and r soldier – space at the hero’s cemetery.
“We are confident there was no grave abuse of discretion at all,” Calida said, adding there was no law preventing the burial.
“When you invoke the Constitution, you point out the particular article, section that says you can’t do it,” he said.
Petitioners have argued that Marcos was no hero, citing his dubious war record and massive human rights violations and corruption that tainted his 20-year rule.