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Our President merely emphasized we are a free nation

  • Written by Jay De Castro
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Magkaisa para sa bayan

MANY have criticized President Rody Duterte’s tirade against US President Barack Obama, saying his use of obscene words against the latter reflects his vile heart and flawed character. This is wrong.

What prompted Duterte to curse Obama was the high sense of patriotism and nationalism embedded in his heart and not the evil in him, as what the Duterte bashers wish to convey.

Take note of his pronouncement before the cussing:

“I am the President of a sovereign people. The Philippines is not a vassal state. We have long ceased to be a colony of the US. I do not respond to anybody but to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I’m answerable only to my own people.”

That’s it.  It’s love of country, its independence and his fidelity to Filipinos that made him utter profanities against Obama, whom he thought was interfering in the municipal affairs of our nation.

Nothing personal against the most powerful leader on Earth. Just plain love of country and people or bare chauvinism echoed in an international forum.
That President Duterte cussed President Obama should not have been blown by the media as a diplomatic faux pas, but rather, as a mere expression of exasperation by a leader of a sovereign people, who grew in subservience to a powerful nation, wrongly taught by his predecessors, such that, when he became President, convinced that his race has equal rights in the community of nations, lost his demeanor and cursed the president of the most powerful nation in the world and colonizer of his people.
Rather than give him a failing grade in good manners and right conduct, we should give him excellent mark in geopolitics, for showing that we are no longer a vassal state, but a free country that should be treated with dignity and respect by all nations.

* * *
Moreover, in many cases decided by our Supreme Court, it was ruled that ‘Putang ina mo’ doesn’t mean ‘your mother is a whore.’
In Reyes vs. People (137 Phil. 112, 129, 1969) our SC in its en banc decision written by Justice Querube Makalintal said:
“‘Putang ina mo’ is a common enough expression in the dialect that is often employed, not really to slander but rather to express anger or displeasure. It is seldom, if ever, taken in its literal sense by the hearer, that is, as a reflection on the virtues of a mother.”
In this case, Rosauro Reyes was fired from his employment by their manager Agustin Hallare. In his anger, Reyes went to Hallare’s home and shouted “Agustin, putang ina mo. Agustin, mawawala ka. Lumabas ka, papatayin kita.”
Hallare charged Reyes with two crimes: oral defamation (for shouting “putang ina” at him) and grave threat (for threatening to kill him). 
Reyes was convicted by lower Court, whose decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeals. He appealed to the Supreme Court, which affirmed his conviction for the crime of grave threat (for threatening to kill Hallare), but acquitted him of oral defamation, for his “putang ina mo” utterance.
In many other cases, Rogelio Pader vs. People, G.R. 139157, February 8, 2008 and Villanueva v People, G.R. No. 160351) 2006, our SC affirmed the jurisprudence it laid in the Reyes decision.
“Putang ina” came from the Spanish expletive “hijo de puta,” which is used to call people from the lower strata who utter “putang ina”.
Clearly, by uttering “putang ina” to Obama, as the yellow party and its minions falsely represented to the media, our President did not intend to slander the US President, as he merely expressed anger or displeasure at the attempt of the State Department to question him about alleged human rights violations, in connection with his campaign against illegal drugs in the country. 
In uttering the said word, which according to our SC is but an expression of anger or displeasure, we should interpret it as our President’s indignation at the perceived subservience  of our country to powerful nations.
Our Tatay Digong was elected by a great majority of our people. Let us be thankful that he is not failing us.  
Let us be proud, that he fights for us in international forum and declares that we are now a free country that should be treated with dignity and respect by all nations.