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We should be vigilant to ensure the success of Pres. Rody

  • Written by Paul Gutierrez
  • Published in Opinion
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Paul's alarm

IN the aftermath of the deadly bombing in President  Rody’s city of Davao last September that killed 15 innocent people and wounded 67 others, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), pitching into the possible suspects, pointed to US Imperialism as behind it in a bid to derail the ongoing peace talks.

While official reaction did not dignify the CPP’s accusation, this is not actually farfetched, really.

For in so many instances, the radical Muslims’ own claim that the United States is the world’s foremost “terrorist state” is an established fact all throughout the Muslim world -- just look at what they did to Iran in the 50’s and fast forward, to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.

Indeed, it can be said that before ISIS came into the picture, US Imperialism is the foremost destroyer of ancient civilizations.

Our own history too has been replete of wanton terrorism committed by US forces against Filipino freedom fighters, say, the turning of Samar and most of Southern Tagalog into “howling wilderness,” the water torture of Katipuneros (we now call this ‘water boarding’) during the turn of the last century, the massacre of the Huks in Bulacan after the liberation of Manila, etc. The list of human rights violations and terror tactics by the United States against Filipinos simply go on and on.

Since our “independence” too in 1946, the USG (US government), thru the CIA, has the say on who should be Philippine president that resulted to the like of certified Japanese collaborator, Manuel Roxas, becoming our president in the first post war election.
In the last 30 years, the USG has approved the illegal removal of two Philippine presidents, Marcos in 1986 and Erap in 2001, using the deceptive catch phrase of ‘People Power.’
Having exhausted his usefulness in serving US interest, Marcos was given the boot; Erap, for his part, was also approved for removal, for refusing to back down on his 2000 “war” against the MILF and its kindred bandit group, the ASG, despite a personal appeal from President  Bill Clinton.
In short, for President Erap’s refusal to “negotiate with terrorists,” he was marked for removal.
This gives the lie again to Uncle Sam’s own claim that it does not negotiate with terrorists (but which is what it is doing as shown during the ‘Iran-Contra’ brouhaha under the Reagan administration).

* * *
From the news reports of the incident that I browsed through Google, on May 16, 2002, an American national, Michael Terence Mehring, lost his limbs and nearly died after a bomb ripped apart the room he was occupying at the Evergreen Hotel in Davao City.
However, Mehring was not a victim of a bomb attack perpetrated by the ASG or the MILF. He was a victim of his stock of bombs that accidentally exploded in his room.
From the sparse news of the incident now available, Mehring is an “American agent,” in short, an American terrorist, under the employ of Uncle Sam, plotting to sow mayhem in Mindanao and elsewhere in the country, at a time when nationalist sentiment was on the rise against the basing here of US troops.
Before Mehring can be properly interrogated by Filipinos, the FBI entered the picture, forcibly brought him out of the hospital, rushed him to the Davao airport where a private plane was waiting then whisked him off to an unknown destination.
As far as the internet would show, nothing has been heard from this incident up to now. The record though showed the vehement anger and dismay by the mayor of Davao City at the time who also loudly protested that Uncle Sam has been treating us like a “doormat” from as far as he can remember.
The mayor at the time? Our president now, President Rody Duterte.
A true patriot and nationalist who only cares about our own interests and who has done a lot of reading too of our own history as a people and a nation, it should be in this context that we should understand the angst -- and suspicion -- that President Rody is showing vis-à-vis the “friendship” being shown to us by US imperialism.
“America has no permanent friends, only permanent interests,” thus sums up US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles during the Eisenhower administration.
Although Dulles uttered these brutally honest words more than 60 years ago, they remain a truism up to now. They remain the bedrock of US foreign policy and friendship towards others, the ugly truth that we all have to live with.
“Isa” lang ang interes ng ’Tadong Unidos: ang “interes” ng mga Amerikano.
Now that we have a truly Filipino president in the person of President Rody, it is time for us to remain vigilant and be one with him in ensuring the success of his administration and his ‘Filipino First’ policy.
We should be wary of US Imperialism’s effort at destabilization. For in case you haven’t noticed it yet, dear readers, it is happening already.