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A unique 'left-behind' item at the NAIA

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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Direct hit

Various kinds of items being left behind by passengers who are in a hurry either to get out of the country or out of the airport upon arrival is commonplace. Usually, these consist of bags, wallets, documents, jewelry, money or gadgets.

Several days ago, I heard a story which was for Ripley’s. I was aghast to learn about it and I’m sure many of you will be too.

A Filipino mother arrived from abroad at the NAIA Terminal 1 with her sister and two children. They contracted a white  van from the airport coupon taxi stand and were taken to their destination.

Once there, the occupants got off, their bags were unloaded, they paid the fare and then the cab headed back to the NAIA Terminal 1 so he could ferry another passenger.

He was almost at the airport when the driver got the shock of his life. As he looked at the side mirror, he saw a small girl standing behind him, at the backseat.
Immediately, he informed his company about the girl left behind in his taxi.  By that time, the girl was already crying heavily, after having sensed that she had been detached from her family.
When asked, the girl said she was six years old.  However, she could not provide any details about her family or how they could be comtacted.      
Personnel from the Airport Police Department (APD) took over and scrambled for the information sheet filled out by the girl’s mother earlier.  The mother was contacted and while waiting for her to arrive, APD members -- one was a lady whose name I failed to get -- fed the girl and took care of her.
Moments later, the girl’s aunt arrived to claim her.  The APD was looking for the mother but the aunt offered excuses.
The APD personnel, concerned of course, did not buy it and knew that the mother purposely did not appear out of shame or fear of being admonished for leaving behind her little girl, even if it happened inadvertently.
The lady APD, who said she is nearing retirement, said that for the decades that she had been with the APD, it was her first time to encounter an instance of a child being left behind.
She was also having goosebumps at the thought of what could have happened if the girl was left behind in an ordinary cab, given the crime situation in the country nowadays.
Indeed, it was a good thing that they took an airport-accredited taxi.  The girl was placed in safe hands and her family was contacted in no time.  She was returned in one piece.
I was not able to ask if the mother bothered to thank them at least over the phone or give some sort of reward for what they did to her child.
Kudos to the cab driver and the APD personnel who took good care of the girl and even fed her out of their own pockets. There are actually so many ‘Good Samaritans’ there at the APD, like Col. Adriano Tecson and APO2 Edmund Ignacio for instance.

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Patients at the  Quezon City General Hospital are complaining that when they go there, they are directed to go to  a private laboratory right across the said hospital for laboratory requirements like X-ray and the like.
The reason constantly given to them by the staff why such services cannot be provided in the hospital is that their equipment are out of order. Hmmm... I smell something fishy. Don’t you??
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Jokjok (from George Cobarrubias of Tondo, Manila) Kuya: Yaya! Bakit namatay ang aso?/Yaya: Pinaliguan ko po ng laundry soap/Kuya: Nakamamatay ba ’yun?/Yaya: Ewan ko nga po eh, pag-off ko ng washing machine patay na eh.

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