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New life

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UNLIKE previous administrations, the government of President Rodrigo R. Duterte is determined to create more local jobs to meet the employment needs of the burgeoning population.

While we concede that creating more local jobs is better said than done, President Duterte continues to demonstrate his capacity to uphold the interest of the Filipino workingman.

Addressing the initial batch of repatriated overseas Filipino workers from Saudi Arabia, Duterte promised a new life for OFWs whose remittances help prop up the economy.

Duterte told the 129 OFWs, who were among the 11,000 Filipinos retrenched by nine giant Saudi companies, that he is pushing to improve the domestic economy.

If Duterte succeeds in improving the economy, he said there would be no more need for our workers, including our women, to seek greener pastures in foreign lands.
“Maghintay-hintay lang kayo. Bigyan mo lang ako ng konting panahon, ayusin ko ang ekonomiya at may opportunity for you to work here,” said the first Mindanaoan to occupy the top political post of the land.
He assured the Filipino people that we have the money, contingency resources to do it.
Although there have been attempts to review the multi-billion-dollar manpower export industry, people still prefer to work abroad due to insultingly low pay of workers in the country.
In fact, many jobseekers are even willing to deal with unscrupulous but sweet-talking illegal recruiters.
And more often than not, these jobseekers end up being victimized by these heartless Filipinos and their cohorts in government uniform.
We, thus, urge the authorities to do something more effective to encourage local and foreign businessmen to create more quality local jobs, particularly in the countryside, where majority of the poor live.