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Get China to help in drug war — Gordon

  • Written by Bernadette E. Tamayo
  • Published in Nation
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SENATOR Richard Gordon has urged concerned officials to raise the level of cooperation with their Chinese counterparts to help win the war against illegal drugs amid reports that the bulk of dangerous drugs being smuggled into the country come from China.

Gordon welcomed the move of the Department of Foreign Affairs to prepare a “note verbale” to be sent to China and summon China’s ambassador to the Philippines to discuss the drug crisis.

“Kailangan patayin mo iyong gripo para tumigil. Kung tatanggalin ang pinanggagalingan ng droga, titigil ang droga rito. Maganda na ipaalam natin sa China, hindi lang inform, robustly inform, aggressively inform China that you are causing a problem to my country, to our country,” he said.

Gordon lamented that the drug problem in the country has risen to “serious proportions” as it has adversely affected around 3.7 million Filipinos who have become either drug users or pushers, of which one million are young persons who are either in or out of school.
“China recognizes the problem of illegal drugs as shown by its assiduous efforts – through its draconian security network – in arresting Filipinos and nationals of other countries who are arrested upon arrival as drug mules and now face the death penalty,” he said.
We should tell China, in your country—pag pumasok ang Pilipino diyan, nahuhuli ninyo, isang daan ang nakukulong na Pilipino sa China, binibitay ninyo, pagkatapos sa inyo, pinalalabas ninyo yung tao rito para pumasok, magtinda ng droga, gumawa ng droga diyan sa China, hanggang sa preso nagagawa,” he said.
The senator stressed that given China’s robust security system, its own government “could easily interdict the drugs and personnel coming out of China.”           
He said that a joint task force could be created to identify patterns of passengers and gather collective intelligence; initiate capacity building initiatives against transnational trafficking of drugs; and have the Chinese nationals involved in drug trade to be arrested in China, among others.