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Karylle takes lead in Singapore TV series

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Karylle Karylle

CONGRATULATIONS to Karylle for bagging the lead role in a new show in Singapore. According to her manager, Arnold Vegafria, she’ll be playing the title role of “Private Investigator” in this crime-thriller that will run for one season (13 episodes). Aside from being a private investigator in the show, she will also play a single parent who tries to raise her child as a pole dancer. This is produced by Singapore’s Mediacorp and will be shown not just in the Lion City but also in other Asian countries.

Karylle took a leave from hosting “Showtime” at ABS-CBN so she can shoot the series on location in Singapore for two months. Her husband Yael Yuzon of Spongecola will stay in Manila and just visit her there as often as he could. It will be recalled that this is not the first time Karylle is tapped to do a show in Singapore.

In 2011, she played Maddie in “The Kitchen Musical” (along with Christian Bautista) that was shown in 19 countries via AXN and for which she got a best actress nomination at the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival. Then the following year, she played the role of Tala in “Point of Entry”, produced by Mediacorp, which is also the producer of “Private Investigator”. Our best wishes for Karylle. May this open more doors for her internationally.


MIGUEL Tanfelix has joined the cast of “Encantadia” as Pagaspas, the character from a past GMA hit, “Mulawin”. But he will not be a mainstay in the show. He’ll just be a guest, like when a Marvel superhero crosses over and becomes a guest in the regular show of another Marvel superhero. Miguel would play the role of Pagaspas, which he has played before as a child actor in the original “Mulawin”.
After Miguel, another new guest will be introduced. And this is Alden Richards no less. But he won’t be playing Aguiluz, the role of Richard Gutierrez before in the original “Mulawin”. Instead, he’ll play another character that will be a defender of the Diwatas in Encantadia’s kingdom called Lireo. If Miguel and Alden in their wings would click, there’s a big chance that “Mulawin” itself as a series would be revived.
Then after Alden, there’s Vish’Ka, a giant from the tribe called Askano who’ll also be part of “Encantadia”. He will be played by “Games of Thrones” actor Conan Stevens, the mountain man who can finish eating two crispy patas in one sitting. Vish’Ka, the character he plays, is a blacksmith who makes special weapons and armors. He’s also the key to a big secret that will be revealed soon.
Obviously, GMA is really doing its best to boost the pulling power of “Encantadia” so it’ll have a better fighting chance against ABS’s flagship show, “Probinsyano”. We just hope the inclusion of Miguel, Alden and Conan Stevens in “Encantadia” will really help attract more viewers.


WONDER how Mr. Tony Tuviera can help reinvigorate the sagging career of Kris Aquino, who just signed up with him to be personally managed not by TAPE or APT Entertainment but by Mr. T himself. What’s sad is that ABS-CBN gladly let her go. Like what we wrote before, ABS didn’t give in to the demands of Kris in renewing her contract with them. She wants the contract for five years, they only want it for two years and they also slashed her talent fee.
No, Kris won’t join “Eat Bulaga” as a co-host. Instead, we heard she wants the pre-programming slot before “Eat Bulaga”, now occupied by “Calle Siete” of Ryzza Mae and Eula Valdes and produced by TAPE, that is rating very low. Years ago, Kris used to rate high in her morning talk shows on that slot at ABS, so she’s probably hoping she’d duplicate her success then as a talk show host.
Kris was previously managed by Deo Endrinal and Boy Abunda. We’re told Boy is still a career consultant for Kris. Someone said she might be included in the next AlDub movie but this is pure speculation. Why would AlDub do that when their “Imagine You & Me  ” hit it so big without any other name star supporting them?


ADAPTED from an acclaimed play by Rene Villanueva that won second prize in the CCP Playwriting contest in 1980, much of the lines from the original theater presentation of “Hiblang Abo” have been updated for today’s audiences. The Cinemalaya entry, “Hiblang Abo”, is about four men in the sunset of their lives all living in a home for the aged called Bahay ni Juan. The film version is now directed by Ralston Jover, whose works (“Bakal Boys”, “Bendor”, “Hamog”- we didn’t see “Dog Show”) have very basic good materials with much promise but are not that well realized on the big screen.
The four old men are Lou Veloso as Huse, a writer of vodavils (who acts as the narrator in the stage play); Jun Urbano as Sotero, a farmer and ex-convict; Leo Rialp as Blas, a traitorous labor leader; and Nanding Josef as Pedro, a taong graza abandoned by his family. They all live in the same cottage, getting on each other’s nerves all the time. All of them also have skeletons in their closets. All of them are sad, lonely, full of bitterness and regret about their past lives.
The film is not really a celebration of the joy of living and it can be quite depressing in its bleak portrayal of old age as one gradually loses one’s faculties, good health and firm grip on reality. We’re a septuagenarian ourselves, but we’d like to think that, Thank God, we’re still living a very much happier, more active and productive life compared to these four characters that all seem to be born losers.
Just like “Kusina”, “Hiblang Abo” feels very much like a filmed play as it does not really extensively exploit the possibilities of the cinematic medium. Yes, there are flashback scenes showing the men when they were younger (all of them are played by Cebuano actor Matt Daclan, who is exceptional), but the basic theatricality of the material remains and it doesn’t really involve us as viewers even if, in all fairness to them, all the four actors all deliver very heartfelt performances. Incidentally, why did they all win as best supporting actors when they are all actually playing lead roles?