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Katrina learns to cook from Vicky, doesn't do it for new BF

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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KATRINA Halili is busy taping for ‘Sa Piling Ni Nanay’ but she still has time to enrol in a culinary school. “Noon ko pa kasi gusto talaga matutong magluto,” she says. “Who knows? Baka balang araw, mapakinabangan ko ito sa resort ng family namin na itinayo ko sa El Nido in Palawan.”

She posts the photos of her so-called culinary school adventures on her social media account and you can see that she is really enjoying every cooking task that she gets to accomplish in school. Her latest post shows her learning how to make bread with her teacher called Chef Vicky. “Thank you, Lord! Wish granted!” she says in her post.

Is she learning how to cook for her next BF, since it’s said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? “Naku, hindi, a. Hindi ko priority ang magkaroon ng lovelife. I’m learning how to cook for my own satisfaction.”
As the evil-hearted Scarlet in “Sa Piling ni Nanay”, Katrina continues to maltreat the child Maya. She cooks up a plan on how to get Yasmien Kurdi as Isabel to agree in her plan to make Maya her own child.   They will rescind the TRO they issued against Yasmien not to visit Maya ever again but, on one condition, she would have to convince the child that Katrina is her real mom and not Yasmien. But naturally, Yasmien does not agree.
Katrina then discovers that Nova Villa as Matilda has made her last will and only 5% of her riches will go Scarlet and 5% to Mark Herras as Jonas. The remaining 90% will go to Maya. Things get complicated when some kidnappers took Maya by force. Katrina tries to rescue her and is shot by the kidnappers. Maya stays with Katrina in the hospital and tells Katrina that she has now learned to love her now for protecting her from the bad guys. Yasmien hears this and feels hurt. To make matters worse, Katrina makes it appear that Yasmien is one of the kidnappers so she is arrested by the police.


BUHAY Party list representative Lito Atienza celebrated his 75th birthday on August 10 and his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Evelina last month. A few days ago, he treated the press to his birthday lunch and we asked him what he prefers: executive work like when he was mayor of Manila or legislative work as a congressman?
“Mas enjoy ako doing executive work kasi puwede kang umaksyon agad and you can see your achievements right away,” he says. “E, sa legislative, nakaka-frustrate kasi ang dami munang pagdaraanan before you can achieve something. As a mayor, magagawa mo agad ang gusto mo and it’s more satisfying.”
His 50 years of marriage to his wife should inspire other couples to nurture their own marital relationships. What’s their secret? “We always have total communication.
Actually, nagtanan kami, e. Pero when I married her, I said, permanente ito, paninindigan ko ito. Success in life doesn’t mean wealth, power or fame but having a happy family that you support through the years. I now have 18 grandchildren and every Sunday, magkakasama kaming lahat ng pamilya ko at lunchtime at wa-

lang kasinsaya 'yon. Sa ngayon, ang daming naghihiwalay. Young people should realize that marriage is a lifetime commitment.”
His TV show, “Maynila” on GMA-7, has been going on for 18 years. What’s the secret of its durability? “Magaling talaga 'yung aming creative group, with Phil Noble as director. And people tell me they enjoy watching it kasi we always impart positive values, no violence, no crime, no scandals.”
Before, he just used to introduce the show. But now, he plays short roles in each episode. “It’s my son, si Kuya Kim, who told me that doing that will be more effective for whatever messages I want to give to the audience. Kasi before nga, sa start or sa end lang ako nagsasalita. But when I started doing cameo roles and then delivering my message through dialogue, napansin ko, mas natatandaan nga ng mga tao ang gusto kong sabihin. Like in my favorite episode starring Noel Trinidad as a lolo with Alzheimer’s disease, talagang natandaan ng viewers 'yung mensahe na we should take good care of our lolos and lolas.”
Now the senior deputy minority floor leader in the current congress, he says he’ll try his best to pursue giving a five-year tax incentive to the film industry. “Our country used to be the top moviemaker in Southeast Asia, pero tinalo na tayo ng ibang bansa, lalo na ng Korea who gets support from their government. We’ll also try to have a more successful Metro Manila Filmfest na ang tiyak na makikinabang, 'yung mga taga-industriya talaga at hindi ilang tao lang.”



"PAMILYA Ordinaryo" is the opposite of “Tuos” and “Kusina” that are both stylized art films. This one is very raw and naturalistic in its no-holds-barred depiction of the harrowing lives of street children, something that “Hamog” also attempted to do as a Cinema One entry last year. But whereas “Hamog” loses coherence along the way and becomes a movie about a child murderer who poisons all the people around her, “Pamilya Ordinaryo” has a better grip on its material.
One of the child actors who played an ill fated street kid in “Hamog” is also in “Pamilya Ordinaryo”, which is also the opposite of an escapist feel good movie. It’s not uplifting but harsh and depressing in its unblinking, very realistic look at the sordidness of life for marginalized people. It also has no happy ending.

As a matter of fact, it has no ending at all, so those who prefer films with satisfying conclusions for the lead characters will surely be disappointed when the screen suddenly goes black and we have no clue what will happen to the two leads. Will they ever get their own child back? Will they be apprehended for attempting to kidnap another baby? You just have to figure out your own conclusions.
The film follows the lives of Aries (Ronwaldo Martin) and Jane (Hasmine Killip). He’s 17, she’s 16 and they just had a baby, Arjan. They live on the sidewalk of the Metropolitan Museum and when they hump each other, they just cover themselves with a blanket, in full view of people passing by. Not much is known about them, except that Jane has an irresponsible mom (Maria Isabel Lopez) whose lover deflowered her when she was 14.