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Oca conducts surprise drug test on city dads, dept heads

  • Written by Edd Reyes
  • Published in Metro
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CALOOCAN City Mayor Oscar Malapitan conducted a surprise drug test yesterday after calling on all city councilors and department heads in the guise of an emergency meeting at the mayor’s office.

Upon settling down and waiting for the meeting’s agenda, the local legislators and executives were surprised when Mayor Malapitan introduced to them the doctors and personnel of the Biomedics Medical Clinic, an independent drug test company, who will administer the drug test.
Mayor Malapitan was the first one to be administered with the drug test.
After all the urine samples were collected and tagged, the test results were immediately released, and to the relief of the mayor, all councilors and department heads had negative results.
A confirmatory test through blood samples also yielded negative results for all the councilors and the department heads.
Malapitan said that surprise drug test will be done in all city departments and offices personnel and staff.
“This initiative is in support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs, and to get rid of drug dependents in the bureaucracy,” the mayor added.