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474 suspects in DUIs arrested — PNP

  • Written by Alfred Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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A TOTAL of 474 suspects in murder cases said to be connected with drugs have been arrested since July 1 even as the Philippine National Police leadership on Thursday maintained that not all so-called deaths under investigation or DUIs since the Duterte government launched a massive crackdown against illegal drug trafficking and abuse were really connected to drugs.

Records from the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management headed by Director Augusto Marquez Jr. showed that from July 1 to December 1, a total of 2,784 DUIs were investigated by the police.

Investigation into 747 or 21.15 percent of the total cases have been concluded with 474 suspects already arrested, some of them policemen while 273 others still at-large and being hunted.

The PNP-DIDM said that there were 3,488 victims of a total 3,531 incidents recorded during the period.

But PNP chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa said that findings of the national oversight committee on the war on drugs chaired by PNP deputy chief for operations Director Benjamin B. Magalong showed that of the over 3,000 DUIs thoroughly investigated by the police, only 1,081 turned out to be drug-related.
“So merong 2,000 plus na hindi drug related. So hindi ito kasama sa ating war on drugs. Ito ay mga normal cases or murder, homicide and may riding in-tandem, parricide or whatever other crimes except drug related crimes,” the top cop said.
To press his point, Gen. de la Rosa said there were murder cases which turned out to be committed for purely personal reasons. “It says that merong mga personal na laban, personal na intention, agenda na nakikisakay sa ating war on drugs. Halimbawa yung girlfriend ko inaagaw mo, galit ako sa iyo papatayin kita. Kapag patayin kita, lagyan kita ng ‘huwag tularan pusher ako.’