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New knight-in-shining armor for Julia

  • Written by Eugene Asis
  • Published in Showbiz
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Julia Barretto Julia Barretto

IF only for her beauty, Julia Barretto could easily make it to the top, not to mention her being a showbiz royalty.
What ails her career is her image, especially after she made a negative statement about her dad, Dennis Padilla.
But that should be water under the bridge now. Julia has reconciled with her dad, and her plans of dropping his family name had been aborted.
What she should polish now is her talent, and the chance to have a leading man who shall be the key to a wider audience. In her new movie, “Vince & Kath & James” which is Star Cinema’s official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, Julia has two leading men and one of them could be “the one” after her pairing with Piolo Pascual’s son, Iñigo, didn’t work out. They are Ronnie Alonte and Joshua Garcia who also have the potentials to become the next heartthrobs.
Joshua is a PBB alumna, and has played roles that marked on the audience like in “Nasaan Ka nang Kailangan Kita” and in the current hit afternoon series, “The Greatest Love” where he plays Sylvia Sanchez’s grandson. Joshua is also remembered as the cousin of Daniel Padilla’s character in the movie, “Barcelona: A Love Untold.”
Ronnie is one of the popular group #Hashtags members who now has a solid following. Although he swore that he will never leave his group to be on his own, some people say it will eventually happen now that he’s making a name for himself.
But whoever gets to be the right ka-loveteam for Julia, will get the honor of “saving” her from being the eternal wannabe.
Julia is also facing a great challenge in the festival as she will be automatically nominated as best actress. But Julia quickly dropped the challenge, saying she is no match to either Nora Aunor or Eugene Domingo who have individual entries (“Kabisera’ and “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2,” respectively).
Still, she is hoping their movie stand to get a good fight at the box-office since it is a fun love story for the whole family, a true Christmas fare. After all, its director, Ted Boborol carries an impressive body of work which includes “Anna Liza,” “Forevermore” and “Be My Lady” on TV.