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A police chief’s disappointing reaction to holdup

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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I hope Makati City policemen will do everything to bring to justice the holdup man who recently gunned down an innocent lady cashier on Faraday Street in Barangay San Isidro, Makati before dawn last Thursday.

The violence employed, caught via a closed circuit television, was so revolting one would want to put the law into his own hands once you get to encounter the suspect.
The woman, a decent, hard-working employee in a shawarma store, was walking alone in the street mid-morning and was already only a few meters away from home when the motorcycle-riding suspect who was then cruising on the opposite direction, chanced upon her.
The unsuspecting victim, identified as Catalina Aguas, aged 50, went on walking casually, unaware that the suspect, upon reaching the corner of the road, turned around to trail her.
Moments later, the guy, who was wearing a helmet, held up the victim at gunpoint but the woman wouldn’t let go of the bag she was holding. The suspect hit her head with the butt of the gun, causing the woman to fall to the ground.
Though already down, the woman continued resisting, giving the holdupper a hard time getting her bag. Since it was evident she wouldn’t let go, the holdupper shot her in the head at close range, killing her on the spot. He was standing on top of her then.  The suspect then sped away with the victim’s bag aboard his motorcycle.
The victim’s family was interviewed and it turned out that she was  a single mother of, take note, eight children! Her hard up life might have been the reason why she did everything to keep her bag which expectedly contains her wallet and cellphone, among other valuables.
She was also said to be carrying some amount of money since she was head of a ‘paluwagan system.’
I dunno if what I saw was an edited interview, but seeing the reaction of the chief of the Makati City Police to the incident was highly disappointing. I did not see the kind of resolve one would expect when it came to crimes like the one on hand. He did not even seem upset.
Adding to this is my utter dismay upon seeing the same police chief advising the public to just give in to the demands of the holdupper should they encounter the same situation. He also said that whatever you lose to such criminal elements, you can still earn again. Wow!!! What a solution!
This kind of statement coming from the chief of police may embolden criminal elements in the area under his jurisdiction to carry out their holdup and other criminal activities with much wanton.  I’m not saying that fighting off armed criminals is the right thing to do.
However, such kinds of pronouncements coming from a police chief is like getting the public to cooperate with what criminals want by not making things difficult for the latter.
Again, I hope the interview I saw on TV was merely edited because nowhere in it did I hear the said police officer assure that no stone will be left unturned to catch the holdupper who robbed eight children of a better future and the love of a mother. Tsk!

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Jokjok (from Julius dela Cruz of Tambo, Parañaque, City) -- Nanay: Hoy totoy, ang lakas-lakas mo kumain pero ’di ka naman mautusan.  Ang kapal ng mukha mo!/Anak: ’Nay. Bakit kapag ’yung baboy natin, malakas kumain, tuwang-tuwa kayo? Pero ’pag ako nagagalit po kayo! Sino ba talaga anak mo, ako o ’yung baboy? waaaaaahhhhh.

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