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Grafters beware

  • Written by Efren Montano
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Featured Grafters beware

Duterte warns of ‘shame campaign’ against corrupt gov’t officials

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s next war will be on corrupt government executives and he is seriously considering a “shame campaign” against grafters in the bureaucracy.

Addressing the homecoming event of fellow graduates of the San Beda College of Law, Duterte said weeding out corruption was a campaign promise he intended to keep.
“I said if I become president, I will do away with corruption in government and it will be. Believe me. I will really go after the corrupt. I am committed to it,” the President said
“I ask everybody working under me, under this government, under the executive department, to please hear me out because I will really pounce on you,” he continued.
He said he would ask the public to send text messages and other information about erring government officials, which would be released publicly through the state-run People’s Television Network.
“Never mind about libel and all,” the President said, pointing out “the people of the Philippines can just tune in and they would know the idiots who are corrupting this country.”
The President said he was ready to “apologize every day” if anybody would be wrongfully accused.
“Fair is fair. But to the others, I’m sorry … I will really put you to shame. I will ask you to resign. That’s the only way,” he said.
The accused public officers who refused to step down from their posts would face charges or suspension, according to the President.
He said he is also considering the abolition of graft-tainted government agencies and just letting subordinates take over from their corrupt superiors.