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What about the other Vargas?

  • Written by Lito Cinco
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I AM doing this right after I finished watching the Manny Pacquiao-Jessie Vargas  fight on pay per view  at my sister-in- law’s place in Antipolo.

And  of course by this time, everyone  knows that Vargas lost to the  37-year-old  Pacquiao  via a unanimous decision.
As  a Filipino sports fan, I am  happy that  Manny came out victorious in this  fight and emerged a world champion again  with the WBO welterweight title that Vargas staked in the fight.
It was a close fight at times but it was clear that Pacquiao  was  winning on points, landing more clear punches that I wondered  how  one judge could  score it with a one-point difference  while the two other judges had Pacquiao way ahead.
Does it mean  that had Pacquiao  not knocked down Vargas in the second round, he would have lost in that judge’s score card?
And the  win was fashioned out before Floyd Mayweather who  watched it from the ringside and was even seen giving a thumbs up to Pacquiao after the fight with a  “Not bad” quip to match, again, raising the question if there will be a return bout between these two boxers.
Pacquiao  un-retired  himself, getting  flak from a lot of people in social media, criticizing for breaking his promise  that he will focus on  being Pacquiao the senator already after getting elected last May.
Now what  did  I see about Pacquiao, the boxer in this fight?
I will admit that  at his age, Pacquiao can still fight, and showed it by beating Vargas, 10 years  his junior.
But it was also evident  that  what I saw was not the Pacquiao of old, 10years after one’s prime as an athlete.
Any one will be  a different  athlete already in terms of skills, I have said it again and again, no athlete  can ever beat Father Time, and it showed clearly, Pacquiao of old  would have taken apart Vargas  with a stoppage in maybe less than  five  rounds, the way Vargas was fighting him and going toe to toe a lot of times with the Filipino boxing icon.
But then remember, the last time that Pacquiao scored a  stoppage  was in 2009 yet when he fought Miguel Cotto, then still in his prime.
This tells me that Pacquiao has somewhat lost   the power that he  once packed in both mitts, that is the first observation, second is  not once  did I see the famous 5- punch or even  more, combination that Pacquiao used to unleash  against his opponents.
Pacquiao’s killer instinct, very evident during his hey days, has also done  a disappearing act, with some saying it was because  he embraced  his religion to the full.
It is  a fact too that Pacquiao now fights a more careful kind of fight, lessening the risk and maybe, on top of his mind, avoid what happened in his last fight  against Marquez when he was leading but  got hit by a sucker counter punch  that sent him to dreamland.
For me, this  is  just a natural thing, after all, Pacquiao evolved from a purely  offensive type of boxer to an all around one under Freddie Roach.
So what does this tells me?
Even against Mayweather in a return bout, I believe the odds will still favor  Floyd and  the response of boxing fans will definitely not be  as big  as what we saw  for their first fight.
If they  do decide to  fight again, what we will see are two great  boxers but whose greatness will only be seen in glimpses and no longer consistent.
What I do not want to see definitely is a  Pacquiao that would look like Oscar de la Hoya when he fought Pacquiao   at the latter’s prime.
If  Pacquiao continues to fight, someone  will definitely come along from the ranks of today’s young hungry fighters who will simply beat the  hell out of Pacquiao the way he did it to De la Hoya.
And so my  final unsolicited advise, quit while you are ahead, a world champion and live your life as a lawmaker that the people elected you to be.
Now in  another fight outside the  boxing ring, many  sports fans  here will say that  the wrong Vargas lost,  referring to ABAP’s Ricky Vargas who is priming himself up for a fight against Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Peping Cojuangco until he got TKO’ed even before the bout could happen as he was disqualified by POC’s COMELEC for not being active enough in the General Assembly, whatever way it was interpreted by the POC.
An appeal has been made by Ricky’s camp  and it has been heard and reviewed by the COMELEC and  from  what  I read,  the decision  has been  made but  it had to be  signed  by  all three COMELEC members.
From what I heard through the grapevine, the decision maintains the  same that Ricky is not qualified  to run as POC  president.
I could be wrong but I  tend to believe what I heard, despite  the social media clamor, that is  if you follow  FB, for Peping to allow Ricky to run, or for Peping to just step down and give  way to  other  younger people.
PSC commissioner Mon Fernandez has been very active in FB where he releases a lot of damaging information or at the very least, raising a lot of doubts about the fact that the PSC released a lot of money to the POC for  reasons that are not  included in PSC’s mandate.
Mon was referring to things like  sports festivals or parties  as he  cited  a  P179,000 expenses  by the PSC for Mikee Cojuangco after she  was selected  to succeed Frank Elizalde  as POC representative .
Mon also had it out with ANC’s Boyet Sison ,who interviewed Mikee  and  scheduled Mon  too , only to cancel  Mon’s guesting, supposedly  without even informing in advance Mon that he no longer would be interviewed.
Mon claimed  he canceled all  his meetings  for the opportunity  to be heard  about his issues against the POC and again, social media response was  for Mon  and Boyet  getting a lot of flak.
I am just wondering  when COMELEC will release its decision.
After all, how long does it take  for three people to sign a document?
     Enough said.