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Death penalty bucked

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
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AN opposition solon vowed to challenge the supermajority on its plan to restore the death penalty.

Buhay Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza is strongly objecting to the restoration of capital punishment saying it would violate human rights.

“The Speaker has thrown down the gauntlet on the death penalty. We will put up a fight,” Atienza said.

Earlier, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said the House will pass the bill restoring the Death Penalty Law before the end of the year.

Another opposition solon, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman rejected the majority’s plan.
Atienza said Congress cannot repeal the right to life of every human being.
“The death penalty is the absolute and irreparable deprivation of human rights. It flouts the natural and unassailable right to life,” Atienza said.
Alvarez said the House will approve on third and final reading the return of death sentence for heinous crimes before Congress adjourns for the holidays.
The Speaker said the House would leave it up to the Department of Justice to specify the mode of putting convicts to death.
Atienza said “there’s no point in performing another experiment on the death penalty that is bound to fail at the horrible sacrifice of more human lives.”
He said the country already experimented with the death penalty in the past, and it failed to deter crime.       
“The certainty of capture and punishment of criminals, regardless of the severity of the penalty itself, is the best deterrence to other would-be offenders,” Atienza said.
In accordance with President Duterte’s wish to revive executions, Alvarez’s bill seeks to mete out death sentences to offenders convicted of drug felonies, murder, rape, robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, bribery, plunder, parricide, infanticide, destructive arson, piracy, and treason.
For his part, Lagman expressed alarm over the pronouncement of Alvarez on the majority’s plan to approve Death Penalty bill.
“That projection is consistent with the alarming emergence of a culture of death and violence. It is a deadly Christmas gift,” Lagman said.
“We will derail the supermajority’s death penalty train at all cost,” he added.
Lagman is one of those who fought for the abolition of the Death Penalty Law.