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BoC to confiscate fruits brought in illegally

  • Written by Willy Balasa
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AIRPORT authorities yesterday warned arriving passengers that fruits coming from other countries are not allowed into the country without necessary permit and documents for importation.

Plant Quarantine of the Bureau of Customs at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 1 recently confiscated various fruits brought in by some foreign passengers such as mangoes from Thailand, atis, big guava and persimmon from Taiwan due to lack of pytho sanitary permit from the Bureau of Plant and Industry (BPI).

Bartolome Mesolania, plant quarantine officer, said that they will confiscate any fruits coming from foreign land that has no permit to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases from fruit flies and exotic pests that could harm the local agricultural products.

He added that the Bureau is also preventing the entry of ring spot virus that commonly found in papayas, citrus mottling disease commonly found in “dalanghita” and the mango seed weevil pest that can destroy fruit production. Kaphra Beetle stored product pests can immediately destroy cereal and rice grains in just a couple of days.

The authorities also prohibit the importation of all plant materials, soil or other plant materials, either by itself or as packing or covering, which may be a source of infection or infestation by diseases or insects or other animals destructive to agriculture.
Some countries and places known to be actually infested with the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capita ta) are the Hawaiian Islands, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Tripoli, Tunis, Algeria, Cape Colony, Natal, British East Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Argentina, the Bermuda Islands, the Azores, the Madeira Islands, the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde Islands, Dahomey, Nigeria, the Congo, Delagoa Bay, Rhodesia, Uganda Protectorate, Mauritius, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and other Asian countries.