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Katrina answers basher back: ‘Inggit ka?’

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Katrina Halili Katrina Halili

KATRINA Halili shows she is now very mature in her outlook on life. She’s currently getting good feedback in social media for her fine performance as the scheming Scarlet in “Sa Piling ni Nanay”, which is now on its last three weeks. From out of the blue, amidst all the positive comments she’s getting, some annoying bashers who obviously do not have anything better to do, suddenly made rude remarks about her and even alluded to her old sex video scandal.

One basher wrote: “Kat, ang galing-galing mo sumayaw sa sex scandal n’yo ni Hayden Kho.” Instead of blowing her top, this is Katrina’s mocking response: “Talaga? Inggit ka? Gawa ka rin, dali!” And another basher said: “Katrina, sarap ulit-ulitin ng scandal mo. Kasama ka siguro sa watch list about drugs.” And Katrina’s response: “Push mo ‘yan. Samahan mo ng Bible, ha.”

As Scarlet in “Sa Piling ni Nanay”, Katrina succeeds in finally killing Nova Villa as Matilda after Nova regains consciousness in the hospital. Her secrets are now safe. Instead, she accuses Yasmien Kurdi as Ysabel to be the real killer of Nova. This lead to another catfight, which is inevitable in the show as their bouts of “sampalan at sabunutan” makes the show’s rating soar higher and higher.

But their daughter Jillian Ward as Katherine implores them to patch things up, so Katrina pretends that she’s willing to kiss and make up with Yasmien. Mark Herras as Jonas makes it appear that he’s wooing Katrina again and she’s flattered, not knowing this is just a ploy of Jonas to learn the truth from her about Nova’s death. Yasmien feels jealous about it even if she’s already in the arms of Gabby Eigenmann as Benedict. But the police come along to invite her for questioning about Nova’s death.


CHRISTOPHER De Leon is one actor who’s in the best position to give valuable advice to people who get addicted to substance abuse. He admits he resorted to drugs before and it’s only when he found the Lord and became one of the pillars of the Catholic community Oasis of Love that he became a changed man. He was shocked about what happened to Mark Anthony Fernandez.
“He’s my godson and I hope to visit him one of these days,” he says. “I just want to be there and make him feel that we care, that we love him. Wala ka namang masasabi kapag andun ka na kundi kumusta ka na? Okay ka lang ba? Prison kasi is hell and I’m praying na sana, malampasan niya ito.”
What can he say about Pres. Duterte’s drive against drugs? “Let’s listen to him. Pakinggan natin yung mga babala niya and let’s get serious, let’s stay away from drugs kasi demonyo ang droga. I’ve been there, done that and I was delivered from that because of God. During those days that I was into it, I was losing everything, nobody wanted to get me for projects, friends were shying away from me, my parents were worried like hell, my family, iniwan ako. Wala kang panalo sa drugs. So it’s best to surrender yourself to the Lord. Hang on to Him because eventually, He will make a way for you and your salvation.”
Brother Bo, which is how he’s called in the Oasis of Love, has been playing father roles lately and now that he’s turning 60 on October 31, he has accepted that. But now, he’s one of the lead stars in Regal’s sizzling sex-drama, “The Escort”. “I play Gary, a rich businessman. Biyudo na ako and I fall in love with Lovi Poe, a secretary sa escort agency in the same condo building where I live. Niligawan ko and offered to buy her love, but she says her love is not for sale kasi si Derek Ramsay ang gusto niya.”
His role is reminiscent of that of Robert Redford in the Hollywood hit, “Indecent Proposal”. When Derek is hospitalized and Lovi needs money for his surgery, she approached Bro. Bo, but he says he’ll only help her if she’d give in to one of his own indecent proposals. She has to choose from three options: marry him, give her virginity to him, or make love with Derek when he’s healed in front of him. To find out which one Lovi chose, you’d have to see the movie when it opens in theatres on November 2.


‘WATTPAD Presents’ is one of TV5’s successful homegrown shows that features original romantic stories and also became a venue for their regular talents. It gained its own loyal followers and among the featured stories in it are “That Girl”, “A House Full of Hunks”, “Almost a Cinderella Story”, “Avah Maldita”, and many more. You can still watch its past episodes on the net.
Now, “Wattpad Presents” has just been honored by the ALTA Media Icon Awards where it won as Best Youth-Oriented Program. ALTA is an award-giving body for excellence in Print, Broadcast, Film, Recording and Social Media given out by the University of Perpetual Help. Present during the awarding ceremony was TV5’s Head of Current Programming, Ms. JoAnn Banaga


LET’S pray for the repose of the souls of our showbiz brethren who have recently left us to join our Creator: actor Dick Israel, scriptwriter Fundador Soriano, actress Dinah Dominguez (her daughter Champagne Morales said she collapsed while watching a concert last Friday), plus Teddy del Rosario, the brother of Boss Vic and Rommel Marasigan, the husband of two years of ABS-CBN exec Linggit Tan.
May they all rest in peace. Our condolences to all the loved ones they left behind in their hour of bereavement.