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No pockets for baggage loaders, no jewelry for aircraft cleaners

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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are the policies that Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal wants strictly implemented in an effort to promote a culture of honesty at the premier airport terminals.

Monreal said he has ordered that the ‘no pocket’ policy, which was first implemented in November 2008, be strictly implemented for all loaders assigned at the NAIA baggage breakdown and build-up areas in the hope that it would deter incidents of baggage theft allegedly perpetrated by airport workers, particularly those who are in charge of the said handling of luggage.

The move came after a recent inspection made by MIAA Assistant General Manager for Security Col. Allen Capuyan, yielded adverse results, with 20 employees of airline service providers reportedly having been caught violating the policy.  Some other ramp staff having been found to have manually stitched their uniform pockets.

In line with this, Monreal has sought the cooperation of partner airlines to police their ranks and help the MIAA in ridding the ramp areas of scalawags.

This, as he appealed to client airlines to consider imposing a policy on aircraft cleaners, barring them from wearing jewelry when boarding aircrafts.
“This will further promote the virtue of honesty as it will encourage aircraft cleaners to turn over valuable items, specially jewelry, that they find inside the aircraft while cleaning,” Monreal said.
He also assured that the MIAA will continuously carry out random inspections at the baggage breakdown and build-up areas to penalize those caught not adhering to the policy.