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Early Xmas break bucked

  • Written by Arlene Rivera
  • Published in Nation
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A GROUP of private schools opposed the suggestion of Sen. Grace Poe to hold early Christmas break for students.

In a statement, Eleazardo Kasilag, president of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (FAPSA), said the group does not believe in the efficacy of the suggestion saying it would have a “reversal effect.”

The group said early Christmas break will not force the students to go back to the province for an early vacation. It would be the students from the provinces who again shall flock to Manila to vacation.

They added that Christmas experience is perfect in Manila unlike on All Saints Day when students are really forced to go to the province to visit their dead.

FAFSA said it is only in the college department where non-Manilans abound because the leading universities are here but in basic education,  the pupils from pre-school to high school have become Manila residents, so they will stay put and make the early vacation an opportunity  to go around which will worsen traffic.
“The suggestion of Senator Grace Poe to hold early Christmas break is unscientific,” FAPSA said.
They pointed out that Christmas bonus is a boon to school kids who love going to the theme parks in Metro Manila.
Also, FAPSA schools are reluctant to hold Saturday classes to compensate for lost time.  Ten to 25 percent of students do not report to class when held on Saturdays and even teachers claim Saturday as their household chores schedule or family bonding time.