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War vs drugs

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IN the all-out war against illegal drugs, the establishment of drug rehabilitation and treatment centers across the country should never be ignored by the authorities.

Various quarters said the anti-drug campaign, the government’s top priority program, can only gain some meaning if self-confessed and arrested drug users are rehabilitated.

The present situation is not helped any by the lack of drug rehabilitation centers not only in the metropolis but throughout the country, which is teeming with shabu and other prohibited drugs.

But no less than the Department of Health (DOH) is now leading a move to set up the first mega rehabilitation and treatment center in this impoverished Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 million people.

Scheduled for opening in November this year, the center is located in Nueva Ecija, according to Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial.

The mega rehab center can house some 2,500 patients, with an extension capable of accommodating 10,000 more drug dependents.
Admittedly, the opening of the center is crucial in sustaining the government’s intensified campaign against the dreaded “drug monster,” acknowledged as the country’s top enemy.
“It is very critical that the Senate and the House of Representatives really support our 2017 budget because that will be our sustaining mechanism in terms of addressing…drug dependence and drug rehabilitation,” said Ubial.
And DOH authorities should be commended for implementing a weekly reporting system, which is designed to track down over 700,000 drug dependents in need of rehabilitation across the country.
Indeed, the government deserves the support of the public as it exerts its best efforts to transform drug dependents, many of them young boys and girls, into productive citizens again.