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‘I could die before my term is up’

  • Written by Efren Montano
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congressmen, assemblymen, barangay captains and policemen are on the third narco list President Rodrigo Duterte   turned over yesterday to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on his visit to the headquarters of the Philippine Army’s 5th Infantry Division in Gamu, Isabela.

He showed a thick folder containing a list of personalities suspected of their links to illegal drugs and particularly named a retired police general.

Duterte said the name of retired police official and now Daanbantayan, Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot is “all over” the final report.

“Kagaya si Loot sa Region 1 nandiyan ang pangalan niya. General Loot nandyan sa Region 2, Region 3, Region 4. What does that mean? Whenever he was assigned he was into drugs, that is what it means,” the President said.

He also mentioned Naguillan, La Union Mayor Reynaldo Flores as a “high-value target.”

Duterte said he feared that those on the list would have him killed even before he finishes his six-year term.
“I do not know if I will survive the six years or not… sa dami ‘di kayang patayin lahat, baka ako pa ang patayin nito,” the President  said.
“Sa isang page mayor, assemblyman, mayor, vice mayor... Sa iba naman, barangay captains, puro barangay captain. Boni sultan, Lumati Maasin, municipal councilor... Governor, congressman, mayor, barangay captain, nasa gobyerno. How can I build a case na ganito  karami. Sabihin ng human rights, ‘You build a case.’ Saan ako maghanap ng pulis na tayo, you are preparing for war,” he said, adding that aside from illegal drugs the authorities are also confronted with the problem of corruption, terrorism and insurgency.
“Kaya sabi ko if it would outlast me, mawala ako nang bigla, hingin ko lang sa inyo to see to it that this country will not take a spin, kasi ito the whole of the Philippines ang tinamaan,” he told the soldiers.
The President reminded the military that its main responsibility is to “protect the people” on top of defending national security.
“Ibigay ko ito sa Armed Forces. Ito ang problema natin... I’m just saying that the ultimate warriors of the Constitution, to protect the people is the Armed Forces of the Philippines. So bahala na kayo,” Duterte said.
Duterte earlier announced that he was about to make public a final report on government officials involved in illegal drugs.
He told the soldiers that the Philippine National Police only has a supporting role to the AFP when it comes to protecting the people and the state.
“Inyo ‘yan eh sa Constitution, is to preserve... Inyong trabaho iyan, baka nakalimutan  ninyo, inyo ‘yan. To protect.. Do not allow the country to disintegrate,” Duterte said without elaborating.
He reiterated his earlier assurance that soldiers, as well as the policemen, will be protected by his administration in the fight against illegal drugs.
“…., wala kayong takot. Lahat nang gawin ninyo, sa utos ko, akin ‘yan. Kayo magpakulong sabihin lang ninyo, ‘Utos iyan ni Mayor Duterte, siya lang ang tanungin mo. Siya ang ikulong ninyo.’ Walang problema, trabaho lang kayo,” he said.
He added: “Just do what is the mandate of the Constitution, at ako na ang bahala sa inyo. I will protect you.”