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Finish the job!

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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I USED to appreciate the services of Globe Telecoms that’s why both my phone and internet are powered by the telco.

Lately, however, I’m not getting that kind of satisfaction anymore even though Globe has been persistently saying it has further improved its services. In fact, I have already changed my internet provider after my kids also complained of poor connection.

PLDT has already done internet wonders in the house and the entire family is now very happy about it.  Despite this, no Globe representative has called up to inquire on my shift to PLDT even though I was a Globe internet user for a very long time.

Though I still use Globe in my phone, I’m starting to believe it’s also time for change as I can no longer send and receive text messages as fast as I did before. There are times when messages from my important contacts are delayed by almost a day which is really not good considering the advances we have now in technology.
Indeed, the country has so many problems aside from crime. We also have dilemmas on establishments shortchanging the public.
Maybe it’s really time that more players enter the telecommunications industry so that consumers will have better options and Filipinos can get quality service they deserve.

* * *  

I extend my deepest condolences to the people of Davao especially to the families who lost loved ones in the night market bombing.
The attack is merciless and should be condemned to the highest level because it was aimed at killing innocent and helpless civilians including pregnant women and very young children.
This kind of terrorist act is one that could make people rise up in arms and take the law into their own hands to seek justice and revenge.
So I’m not really surprised over the super angry President Duterte who should not be disturbed right now because he’s full of bad emotions arising from the bomb that exploded right in his very hometown.
The explosion is a strong statement to challenge Duterte’s capacity to continue his fight against criminality while keeping the country stable.
Duterte easily gets mad when challenged and the manner it was done by the perpetrators of the bombing more than made him blow his top.
I just hope US President Barack Obama understands the predicaments of Duterte who earlier slurred the American leader over extrajudicial killing issues. It was unfortunate that the issue was raised at a very wrong time.
What Duterte needs at this critical moment is support to do his mandate in protecting the Filipino people. We need to clear the way for Duterte to unleash the final blow against illegal drugs and terrorism.
Amid futile attempts to sway public opinion against Duterte, the government should stay focused on pursuing peace and order in the country because the people fully support a well-driven leader.
Finish the job, Pres!

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