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Time to act

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FORTUNATELY for Filipinos, there are still government officials who have not shown any sign of backing off from their commitment to protect the environment.

Like other environmentalists across the globe, they believe that using alternative energy is not only long overdue but also ensures the protection of beleaguered “Mother Earth.”

In fact, no less than Leyte 1st District Rep. Yedda Marie Romualdez and Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte said Congress  should also institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation programs.
“We should continue to promote the use and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation initiatives and projects to protect our environment,” said the articulate lady lawmaker.
The wife of Philippine Constitution Association president Martin G. Romualdez, Yedda Marie said the government must put a premium on the fast-track harnessing of renewable energy (RE) sources.
Renewable energy sources include solar and wind power, according to Congressman Villafuerte.
Villafuerte said pursuing eco-friendly initiatives in sync with the international campaign against global warming, which remains a major problem across the globe, should top the government’s concerns.
In a tropical country, like the Philippines, which is visited by an average of 20  powerful typhoons and storms a year, the people enjoy sunlight almost throughout the year.
In the past, the Department of Energy had pursued a 30-30-30 energy mix, meaning the government targeted getting 30 percent of electricity supply from RE sources, 30 percent from coal, 30 percent from natural gas, and 10 percent from new technologies.
And given the worsening of climate change, the Philippines will be better off promoting energy conservation and environmental protection as proposed by well-meaning Filipinos.