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Jealous sikyu slain by cousin

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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TOO much jealousy caused the death of a young security guard, who was shot by his cousin yesterday right inside the building where they both worked in Sampaloc, Manila. The cousin reportedly got piqued by the victim’s non-stop confrontation and accusations of him having an affair with his girlfriend.

Victim Jhunuel Repollo Galvez, 21, a stay-in security guard of the Torque Security Agency located at Unidiz Suites Building on 883 Carola St., Sampaloc, Manila, died on the spot due to a lone gunshot wound in the head while the suspect, identified as John Carlo Repollo, 18, of Bgy. Kaligaya-han, Jungi St., Zabate Subdivision, Fairview, Quezon City, escaped and is now being hunted down by the police.
Investigation by homicide prober PO3 Ryan Jay Balagtas of the Manila Police District (MPD)-Crimes Against Persons Investigation Section (CAPIS) showed that the incident took place at around 12:15 a.m.
It was learned that the victim had been driven by jealousy after seeing his girlfriend Thea Yagis talking to the suspect three days prior to the shooting. Yagis reportedly told the suspect how her relationship with the victim had gone sour for the past two years.
Upon learning about this, the victim got jealous and confronted the suspect at around 8:30 p.m. of August 24.
When Yagis found out about the confrontation, she split up with the victim. This angered the victim all the more and vented his ire on the suspect, whom he already subjected to physical harm.
The two were pacified but when mid-morning came, the victim again tried to confront the suspect while the latter was on duty. That time around, however, the suspect already got piqued, removed the magazine from his service firearm, left a  bullet in the chamber, pointed the gun at the victim’s head and then pulled the trigger.
Barangay watchmen in the area heard the gunshot and rushed to the scene but saw nothing so they went back to the barangay hall.
Moments later, they saw the suspect acting suspiciously. When they tried to approach him, the suspect ran away so they gave chase until he got cornered at the corner of M. Dela Fuente Street and España Boulevard.
The suspect admitted he was trying to flee after killing his cousin.