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What’s up Buddy?

  • Written by Lito Cinco
  • Published in Opinion
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BUDDY Andrada and I do not know each other personally.

I know he  has been with tennis  for a long time and recently with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)  as one of the commissioners, at least until the whole board was replaced by President Rody Duterte.  So  believe me, there is nothing personal about this piece at all.
I simply want to express my thoughts  and some questions about the recent development  at the Philippine Lawn Tennis Association (PHILTA) with Buddy suddenly re-surfacing  in the tennis world  and  in a  special election, replaced former   president Edwin Olivarez who resigned for reasons I  do not know.
And using  that resignation as the basis, and saying he wanted to unify PHILTA, that election was held with Buddy voted for by seven   directors , some personally and some through proxy votes to win by  majority.
But even with the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) sending Cynthia Carreon as POC representative, which  is  practically a de facto  recognition as the presence of  said representative is a requirement  to make it legal, though  officially, I understand the POC still has to make a formal announcement on the matter as Carreon  has to make  her official report on the matter.
At the same time, it was reported that PHILTA vice  president Randy Villanueva  was questioning the legality of the election and supposedly, walked  out with his father during  the said election.
And this is where it gets confusing for me.
I  believe that an elected  vice-president in any  NSA automatically succeeds  the president  if the latter , for  any reason, cannot function anymore  as president for whatever reason.
This  sounds very logical  to me, and that is why I was surprised at the reason  cited by Buddy that the PHILTA’s constitution says the VP succeeds the  president only if  the latter is  incapacitated and  cannot fulfill his function that the vice-president  replaces him.
Since Olivarez resigned but is not incapacitated, therefore, an election can be called to  look for a new president.
To say  the least, I am  having a hard time accepting  the argument presented by Buddy, this is splitting hairs for me and is definitely more of a technical interpretation than anything else.
In effect,  the essence  or substance of the law is set aside  with this interpretation.        
From the  news report I read, Buddy was also quoted as saying he  wants to unify the  federation  after Olivarez resigned. But   I have not heard of anything   that there is rift between the senior officials  that  has threatened the association, not that I am supposed to know about it.
But then instead of unifying, did  it not create disunity by itself as now there are two factions within the  board, that  of Buddy and supposedly the minority group of Randy Villanueva, this  is another question that  I would  like to know the answer.
I also got it from a source that the notice to call for a special meeting should be announced  at least three weeks in advance to the  trustees but in this case, allegedly, the  notice was sent  with only about two weeks’ notice, now  that is a  clear technical violation if true, there is no room for misinterpreting that.
Secondly, the special meeting should be called for by the acting president, which in this case should be the vice president.
It  is clear to me that even on an acting capacity, the vice-president should assume  the office of the president to ensure that the NSA runs normally.
In this case,  supposedly, it was PHILTA secretary-general Romeo Magat who called for the meeting.
Again, this can be debated because  Buddy   has a different assumption in the matter I think, same with  the  information I got that a member of the board should vote in person and  proxy votes are not allowed , these are legal questions that  a lawyer is better qualified to render an opinion after reviewing  the  bylaws concerned.
Now allow me to ask this question, did Buddy reclaim  the PHILTA presidency because  he  has no office nor position now, but then considering his age, he is 81 already, isn’t it time to give way  for  the senior  sports officials to give way to  younger  people who are qualified to serve, this is the same  question I have been hearing about  POC president Peping Cojuangco, who at 82, is supposedly seeking another  four- year term of office after having served 3 terms already by the time his current term ends.
When newly-elected  Congressman Mikee  Romero was a guest at the PSA  Forum after his election, he was calling for  the resignation of  the current  NSA officers, referring in particular to Peping and give way to younger ones.
So this is not  something new. 
But then this is one problem in the local world of sports, a lot of sports officials have been at the helm  for a long time and it seems, are not  willing to step aside to continue  enjoying the perks that the position gives.
What will be interesting is how the POC will rule in this latest NSA  problem of having two factions, but  let me make an educated guess, considering the personalities involved, the  election of Buddy will be justified and upheld, and I  am willing to make a small bet  this will be the outcome.
Now  let us await  how this drama unfolds in the following days, or will it be weeks, or months?