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‘No garage, no car’

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METROPOLITAN Manila (MM) and other heavily-populated cities in various parts of the country suffer from urban plight, including monstrous traffic jams and pollution.

Admittedly, traffic congestion in this Third World nation is no small thing to daily commuters, particularly students, traders and workers in the government and private sector.
With the worsening of the problem, concerned government authorities should now come up with highly-effective measures aimed at addressing traffic congestion.
One such good proposed measure is now pending consideration in the House of Representatives. It is House Bill (HB) No. 4382, which is authored by Leyte 1st District Rep. Yedda Marie Kittilstvedt-Romualdez.
Otherwise known as the “No Garage, No Car Act of 2016,” the bill seeks to regulate the sale of motor vehicles in Metropolitan Manila and other highly-urbanized cities across the country.
This it will do by requiring a proof-of-parking space as a pre-requisite for the purchase of a motor vehicle and registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), said Romualdez.
Motor vehicle owners should be responsible and accountable to provide their own permanent parking space, according to the lady solon, wife of ex-Leyte Rep. Martin G. Romualdez.
We share the view of the neophyte but hard-working lawmaker that car owners should not bank primarily on open road spaces or public sidewalks.
Indeed, the spate of traffic woes nowadays is now becoming part of our daily miserable lives in urban centers.
But with a vast reservoir of political will, the government is still capable of addressing the monumental traffic snarls in the metropolis, particularly during the so-called rush hours.