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9 pushers killed in QC, Navotas shootouts

  • Written by Melnie Ragasa-Jimena & Edd reyes
  • Published in Metro
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nine suspected drug dealers were killed in separate shootouts in Quezon and Navotas cities.

QCPD director Chief Supt. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar identified three of the slain suspects as Constantino de Juan, alias “Juan”, 37, of Bgy. Payatas B, alias “Buhay” and alias “Teteng”, who were included in the drug watchlist of PS-6. The trio were known notorious drug pushers in the area.

Report said that at 9:05 a.m. of Dec. 6, two groups of SAID operatives, led by Chief Insp. Sandie Caparroso, conducted simultaneous buy-bust operations against the suspects in their residence on Chocolate Hills St. corner Bicol Extension, Bgy. Payatas B. An undercover agent posed as buyer of shabu from alias “Buhay’ while another undercover cop transacted with De Juan. Other operatives served as backup and tactically positioned.
After the drug deal, Buhay and his cohort Teteng sensed the presence of the police, pulled out their handguns and fired at the operatives, who retaliated, killing the suspects.
Likewise, during the drug transaction with De Juan, the suspect also sensed that he was dealing with a policeman, pulled out his gun and fired at the poseur-buyer, who quickly sought cover. The back-up operatives  retaliated, wounding the suspect.
The suspects were pronounced dead on arrival at East Avenue Medical Center.
A SOCO team, led by Chief Insp. Mary Grace Alvarez, recovered at the crime scene seven plastic sachets of shabu, two cal.  .38 revolvers, a cal. .45 1911 Remington pistol, a deformed fired bullet, a fired cartridge case and the P2,000 buy-bust money.
At around 10:35 p.m., PS-6 operatives, led by Caparroso at Area 5, Sitio Veterans, Bgy. Bagong Silangan, QC, clashed with the suspects, Jerry Baldosa, alias “Jerry Tatoo”, and Ronaldo Dungca Morales, alias “Pokes,” 46, both of Sitio Veterans. Ba-ldosa and Morales are known drug pushers and on the watchlist of PS-6.
The report said an undercover operative was able to purchase shabu from Baldosa worth P500. However, after the drug deal, the suspect and his cohort, Morales, sensed the presence of the police. The two drew their guns and fired at the lawmen, who retaliated, wounding the duo, who were rushed to EAMC, but after an hour, they were pronounced dead by the attending physician.
A SOCO team recovered at the scene two cal. .38 revolvers without serial numbers, four plastic sachets of shabu, two open transparent plastic bags with traces of shabu, drug paraphernalia and the P500 buy-bust money.
PS-5 SAID operatives, led by Chief Insp. Melvin Madrona conducted a buy-bust operation at 2:30 a.m. yesterday in Bgy. Greater Fairview, QC, where one drug suspect was killed.
The slain suspect, Jessie Malamug, about 30 to 35 years old, of Verbena St., Bgy. Greater Fairview, was on the drug watchlist of PS-5.
Police said Malamug had a pending  case for violation of RA 9165.
An operative, who acted as buyer, was able to buy shabu from Malamug worth P400. During the transaction, the suspect apparently sensed that he was dealing with a police officer so he drew a gun and fired at the lawmen, who returned fire, killing the suspect.
Police recovered at the scene two plastic sachets of shabu, a Magnum .357 revolver loaded with four fired cartridge cases in its cylinder, a misfired bullet, a live ammunition for cal. .45 and the P400 buy-bust money.
In Navotas City, two  drug pushers were killed in an encounter with policemen while an unidentified man believed to be involved in illegal drug activities was summarily executed by alleged vigilantes in separate shooting incidents yesterday and Tuesday night.
Navotas police chief Senior Supt. Dante Novicio said elements of Station Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (SAID-SOTG) were conducting a buy-bust operation against Egay Sigua, alias Egay Piñgol, on Miguel St., Bgy. North Bay Boulevard North (NBBN), at 2 a.m. yesterday when the suspect drew his firearm and engaged lawmen in a shootout after sensing that he was dealing with a police poseur-buyer.
Sigua died on the spot. Homicide investigator PO2 Paul Roma said a cal. .38 revolver with four live ammunition and a fired empty shell was recovered from him.
A few blocks away, a team led by Insp. Arnold Echalar of Station Intelligence Branch (SIB) were conducting anti-criminality operation when they spotted a group of men in an alley along Lacson St., Bgy. NBBN while allegedly transacting illegal drugs.
When they noticed the presence of policemen, the group scampered to different directions, prompting lawmen to give chase. One of the suspects, a certain “Ron-Ron,” allegedly drew his firearm and opened fire towards pursuing policemen, who retaliated, killing him instantly.
A cal. .38 revolver and a plastic sachet containing suspected shabu were recovered by police from the slain suspect.
Earlier at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday, the body of an unidentified man described as about 50 to 55 years old, wearing white T-shirt and gray short pants and sporting tattoos on both legs with two bullet wounds in the head was discovered along C-3 Road, Bgy. North Bay Boulevard South (NBBS).
Two empty shells for unknown caliber of firearm and two plastic sachet containing undetermined quantity of suspected shabu were recovered at the scene.