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‘Bato’ to sack 174 drug using cops

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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PHILIPPINE National Police chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. de la Rosa on Monday said 174 policemen who tested positive for substance abuse this year will be fired in line with the PNP’s ongoing campaign to get rid of rogues in uniform.

“There is no room for drug-using cops in our organization and I will see to it that they will be immediately dismissed from the service,” the PNP chief said.
The top cop said that the PNP Internal Affairs Service headed by Chief Superintendent Leo Angelo D.  Leuterio has recommended the dismissal of the 174 following a lengthy investigation conducted by the unit with the help of the PNP Crime Laboratory and the mother units of the erring officers.
De la Rosa was set to sign the dismissal papers of the 174 Monday afternoon. He said he would see to it that any effort by the 174 to return to service would be blocked. “I am telling dismissed policemen who will try to seek reinstatement that I will block all your efforts,” he said.
Leuterio said that he has recommended to Gen. de la Rosa the outright dismissal of nine policemen who tested positive for drugs during initial screening and confirmatory tests.
Leuterio identified the nine who were found guilty of grave misconduct as Senior Police Officers 1 Jay T. Tizon and Robert T. Pellarada; Police Officer 3 Joel C. Bolivar; Police Officers 2 Jesus F. Plazo and Emmanuel B. Mari; and Police Officers 1 Rahib R. Mapambocol, Archelaus Hunshell DR Olivares, Edgar H. Sarmiento and Ronald D. Alcasabas.
The official said they are finalizing the proceedings on 40 more policemen who have tested positive for drugs. “We will recommend the outright dismissal of all policemen who will test positive for drugs. This as we continue to support the PNP leadership in its commitment to clean up our own ranks of scalawags,” he said.
Leuterio said their investigations and recommendations are all grounded on the rule of law and due process.
The PNP chief said he will make it a personal cause to block the reinstatement of the other policemen who will be dismissed from service due to illegal drugs use. “I am telling you that I will make this a personal matter between you and me,” he said.
According to PNP Crime Laboratory director Chief Superintendent Aurelio C. Trampe Jr, the 174 were among the 159,129 police officers and men who were subjected to random drug testing from July 1, the day de la Rosa took over as PNP chief.