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British scribe rubs Digong wrong way

  • Written by EMontano
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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte whispered a swear word at a foreign reporter who asked about the killings in his administration’s war against drugs.

In his press briefing upon his arrival in Davao City from his participation in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders Summit in Peru, Jonathan Miller, the Asia correspondent of the UK’s Channel 4, dared Duterte to answer for the thousands of drug-related deaths and summary killings that prompted the President to lash out anew against the US.

After ranting, the President remarked under his breath: “P— ina mo.”

After which, Duterte asked Miller: “No more?” and the reporter replied: “No more.”

“You cannot think of questions. Give me the meaning of hypocrisy, and I would address myself to the international viewers. Sumibat o, tingnan mo,” Duterte said, referring to Miller.
Earlier, Duterte cited alleged human rights violations by the United States.
“Who invaded the country, Nicaragua... Panama? You want proof? Talk about the law. Look what America did, they invaded Panama. The President (Manuel Noriega) is still in prison in the United States,” he said.
The President also lectured Miller on the actions and policy implemented by the United States towards Iraq and Panama.
“They invaded a country on a question, on the issue because drugs were flooding America and they had to take out (Noriega),” Duterte said.
“America went to war. So, they destroyed not only the sovereignty, they fractured the country. It’s non-existent, actually. And they had to kill Saddam (Hussein) to get the leader. Who is the hypocrite here? Where is the hypocrisy here?” he added.
“They are invoking extra-judicial killings, calling upon the Human Rights Commission, and defining extrajudicial killings which is in the charter of which he is not a signatory. Do you know that, that America is not a member? And yet they threaten leaders and presidents. You do not do that to me. when you are a hypocrite to me. You are a hypocrite by what standard or language do we use,” the President said.