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Digong ready to leave UN, join ‘new order’

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Rodrigo Duterte yesterday indicated readiness to join “a new order” China and Russia may organize.

In a pre-departure briefing in Davao City yesterday, Duterte said that he would leave the United Nations (UN).

“If China and Russia would decide to create a new order, I will be the first to join. I will be the first to join. Alis ako diyan sa... there used to be a League of Nations before. It was in Hague something. Itong predecessor ng United Nations, it used to be called League of Nations. Nothing happened. There is still war. United Nations, walang nagawa,” the President said.

He also warned of following Russia’s move and get out of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Duterte said this after saying how hurt he was when he was criticized for the spate of drug-related killings as his administration focused on eradicating the narcotics trade in the country.
“Mind you, sabi ng Russia, ‘We will protect you,’” he said in a pre-departure briefing in Davao City
Duterte on Tuesday night said he had requested a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in Lima, Peru.
“I might follow [Russia]. Why? Tayo lang maliliit ang binubugbog ng mga walanghiya,” Duterte said
Earlier, Russia said it was formally withdrawing its signature from the ICC.
ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensoud earlier said her office would start monitoring the Philippines amid concerns over summary executions in Duterte’s bloody crackdown on illegal drugs, adding that the government “seems to condone such killings.”
Duterte has repeatedly said that he was willing to rot in jail for Filipinos if that would be the result of his brutal crackdown on illegal drugs.