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How safe are makeup and Xmas lights in 168?

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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I wish certain groups that have made rallies some sort of a main preoccupation in their lives would stop joining the so-called bandwagon by holding protests against US President-elect Do­nald Trump, just like what is happening in the US currently.

It’s just funny seeing these rallyists holding up placards that state the same, old anti-US sentiments but with a very slight difference. Instead of ‘Obama’, the name on their placards had been changed to ‘Trump.’ That’s about it.

Everything else, all the gimmicks, including the slogans they repeatedly chant, are also the same, old ones.  Notably, too, they are protesting things or issues that have taken shape before Trump’s election. Duhhh.

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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, the buying public has already started trooping to the malls to scout for items and gifts for their loved ones and friends.

Given the current prices of goods, those who are well-off, or even a bit well-off, are expected to take advantage of sales in malls while those who are low on budget, which I believe comprises the greater majority, will surely opt for lower-priced items.
There are certain malls which definitely offer lower prices such as the Divisoria Mall and 168 Mall, for instance. If the buyer is after goods that are not for ingestion or the like, it’s fine.
When I visited the 168 Mall recently, my attention was drawn to a crowd of young girls who were noisily cramped up in front of a single stall. Wondering what the fuss was all about, I checked.
I saw the young ladies buying cosmetic products ranging from makeup to lotions and other beauty products. I got scared for them because at their age, they were naturally careless.
A check on the products show that they are not branded. I asked the seller if the products she was selling had approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  and her curt reply was, ‘ano ’yun?’
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Imagine the risks these kids are taking. I remember having bought a lip balm from a ‘Healthy Options’ shop at the Mall of Asia. Supposedly, the products there are the safest and most free from harmful chemical contents, given the shop’s name and the prices of their products.
After using the said lip balm for about a week, my lips began to chap and turn really, really dry. I thought it was just the weather. I shifted to another product and my lips healed in no time.
When I went back using the old balm since there was plenty of it left, my lips began chapping and drying up again. This means that the balm was harming my lips so I totally stopped using it.
If a branded, imported balm coming from a shop like ‘Healthy Options’ can do harm, what more with non-branded beauty products that have not even undergone the required testing by competent authorities?
Also being frequented nowadays in that mall are the stalls selling cheap Christmas lights and various kinds of power-operated decorations.
These products are also highly unsafe, not having Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-required Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark. I have run into Consumer Protection Group (CPG) Undersecretary Victorio Mario Dimagiba a couple of times while he was doing the rounds of establishments selling such lights without ICC stickers and effecting confiscation. He didn’t know I’m from the media but when I asked certain questions, he readily replied courteously.
I know someone who bought P35 worth of Christmas lights. She installed it in her home but only after a few minutes since she lit them up, the smell of smoke permeated the house. The husband, a seaman, saw that the smoke came from the lights.
He asked the wife where she bought the lights and was told she bought it from Divisoria at only P35. The husband angrily took down the lights, threw it away and scolded the wife for putting the house and everything that he had worked hard and long at risk of catching fire.

So before buying those cheap products out there, think twice.

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Beauty tip -- From time to time, use your fingertips to massage your scalp. This will increase circulation in your scalp which is important for hair growth. (Source: Dr. Rosary May Canay-Diaz of Californian Bloom Aesthetic Institute and Medical Spa /4108424/4669596/09178038240/ 025053987).

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Jokjok (from Jaime Villaluna of Batangas City) -- Mag-asawa, nag-uusap habang nakahiga sa kama... Husband: Darling, puwede ka ba ngayon?/Wife: Ay nako, ’di ako pwede! Pagod ako noh!/Husband: Is that your final answer?!/Wife: FINAL!!!/Husband: Okay. Can I call a friend?

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