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Long overdue seminar on levelling up P.E.

  • Written by Lito Cinco
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My five cent's worth

IT is a  no brainer  that for  sports to flourish in  any country, there has to be a grassroots components where kids  at an early age get interested into  sports and the result is expand the base of potential athletes.

It is also a fact that schools play  an important role in developing this interest among kids using Physical Education or P.E. as the medium.

That is why I  was surprised to learn  that on the average, school kids only  get  around 20 minutes time   for  P.E.

This is  for young kids and I also know for a fact that  there are teachers, not  their  fault  mind you, who are assigned to teach P.E. or   to become  coaches of school teams  when  they  do not  have the necessary background to do a proper job.
I  attended  recently  a press conference  at Wolfgang’s, a steak resto at Resorts World, and  just the  meal itself was worth the time spent there, believe me.
But  the topic  discussed  was also good.
It  was the holding of a three day  seminar-workshop  on Nov. 18-20  at the Celebrity Sports Plaza and the University of the Philippines in Diliman.
It will revolve around its theme, P.E. Plus: Retooling Physical  Education  for Inclusion, Development, and Competition with  speakers and resource people from all over the world coming in to talk.
This is organized by the College of Human Kinetics of U.P.  together with the Sports Management  Council of the Philippines,  headed  by a  familiar face Dina  Bernardo Go whom I met in the past when she was still a dragon boat national team member, and endorsed by the Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science.
The  event is supported by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), which is sending 50 national athletes to the  event. and Milo, whose marketing program revolves  around kids  getting involved in sports.
I am  referring to the very first International Conference  of Sport Pedagogy and if I may say, it is a long overdue event  here where sports science lags behind  compared to other countries.
Its objectives are to  impart knowledge on best practices and techniques  in teaching P.E. and its effective administration, promote the culture of life-long fitness, and build a network  with other professionals from other countries.
The organizers  expect around 800 participants  like P.E. teachers, coaches, instructors, trainers, sports managers, student, athletes, and other sports advocates.
Too bad  I cannot drop by and listen to some of the speakers as I will be in Baguio on the same dates  with  my family  and cover the Football For A Better Life (FFABL) leg  in Baguio at the same time.
Actually, the  problem for the attendees  will be in choosing what session to attend as parallel ones will be  running throughout the event, among the interesting ones  I saw in the handout given were  “ Enhancing the Efficiency of Talent recognition by Improving  School Physical  Education , “by Dr. Aleksandr Krasilshchikov, “ Physical Education and Sport Coaching by Dr. Jens Omli from California, The Use of Technology in Physical Fitness Testing of School Age Children by Slovakian Dr. Erika Zemkova, among the foreign lecturers.
Local  experts also get a chance to share  their own expertise and among the presentors are Dina, who will  dwell on  sports management among others, Dr. Ma. Luisa Guinto-Advento  on supporting adherence for good exercise behavior, Joy  Reyes on performance analysis in sports, these last two speakers I have listened to in the past, and they are good.
Present at the media launching  were Dina,  Ronnie Dizer, Dean of UP-CHK, Atty. Abarquez from the PSC, Robbie de Vera from Milo, and Wolfgang’s Magdaluyo who turned out to be a triathlete  and who took the opportunity to announce that he and some friends  are organizing the Powerman Duathlo here in the Philippines for the first time.
The first one at the MOA on Nov. 20 with a 5K run-30K bike -5K run  and on December 4 at Clark  in Pampanga, doubling the distance, the same  date  that Milo Marathon holds its finals, again, events  that I would miss  because of previous engagements made long before.
Kiko Diaz from softball and also with UP  was also present and he updated  me  about the Blu Girls’ recent   free training in Korea where straight from that trip, the wole team went to the last night’s wake of  baseball and softball great Boy Codiñera at 2 a.m..
According to Kiko, Thailand just backed out of hosting the Asian  Championship due to the death  of its beloved  king and right now,  bidding is open until the end of the year.
The top three  here will  qualify for the qualifying tournament for the world  softball championship and the Blu Girls are again hoping to take one slot.
Of course  with the presence of Japan and China, only one slot  will be up for grabs, and we need to beat  Chinese-Taipei  for that to happen.  Last time we played  them, we  only lost by one run, 4-5, added Kiko.
By the way, I was surprised that Peping is welcoming the Senate inquiry on the POC re unliquidated  funds that according to PSC Commissioner  Mon Fernandez should not have even been provided  by the PSC to POC  because of   reasons  for said expenses.
I was surprised because I was expecting  Peping to cry Wolf again on government intervention.
Off hand, I  do not believe that just because the POC can produce  vouchers for all the expenses it incurred using PSC-provided funds, it will be enough to exonerate them  from unauthorized use of public funds.
But then, during the time Ritchie Garcia was at the helm of  PSC, he and Peping were in agreement almost on anything  including   funding requests.
If it can be shown though that  the  funds were used directly for athletes, then  there should not be any problem.
I cannot but look forward to the  continuing PSC-POC saga starring Peping and Mon.