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Money scam victims seek Duterte aid

  • Written by Jun I. Legaspi
  • Published in Nation
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VICTIMS of the P12 billion Aman Futures investment scam, mostly legitimate traders based in Mindanao, are appealing to President Duterte to bring up the case during his visit to Malaysia where Manuel Amalilio, founder of Aman Futures and the alleged brains behind the money racket, was last monitored.

One of the victim-traders, Fabian Tapayan Jr. also urged the President to look into the reported granting of bail to former Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co, who was slapped with syndicated estafa in connection with the Aman Futures scam.

“Due process was violated because I was not allowed to rebut the allegation in the petition for certiorari filed by accused Co,” said Tapayan.

According to Tapayan, he only learned of the approval of the bail petition of Co in news reports.

“I was surprised that I was not furnished a copy nor his counsel of the petition filed by Co before the Court of Appeals,” Tapayan lamented.
Tapayan said that according to reports the CA granted Co’s petition on October 14.
At the same time, Tapayan asked the President to inquire from Malaysian authorities regarding the status of Amalilio who was last monitored to have fled to Sabah.
Duterte is set to visit Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.
Tapayan appealed to his fellow Mindanaoan President Duterte to help Aman Futures investors, most of them from Mindanao, to go after those who were responsible for the scam that siphoned off their hard-earned money.
“I hope the President will look into this case which has deprived legitimate investors of their hard-earned money due to the misdeeds of Amalilio and Co, and other Aman Futures personnel,” said Tapayan.