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Stop talking, start doing

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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Women talk

I just came across a saying, “stop thinking, start doing” in one of those inspirational websites and it rather struck me as being quite relevant to the lives of many of us. But for us Filipinos, I would like to revise it to say, “stop talking, start doing”.

We love to talk. We love to hear our voices amidst the crowd of equally self-centered individuals. We have many opinions regarding everything, from the dust to the different hues of blue of the clouds.

We just talk and talk and talk. Or even think and think and think. I for one am guilty of thinking too much.

And I know this is not always a good thing. We also have to act.
But those who are stuck in just thinking too much end up in the basement of some hospitals where their mentally ill patients are quartered. When we think about our goals, we have to act on it. When we think about improving the traffic at EDSA, C-5, Commonwealth, we have to do something about it.
We can help MMDA and HPG guys monitor the causes of gridlocks via their MMDA Twitter or even their hotlines. We can report the causes of the obstructions which may be the PUJ barkers or buses loading and unloading in the middle of streets, or the volume of vehicles, especially private ones, is just too many.
But we have to do something. We can always volunteer. But stop talking and whining and grumbling.
You can also do something about climate change by monitoring our uses of energy and our contribution to carbon emission. By all means let us plant as many fruits, vegetables, hardwood trees as we want.
And yes, we can always learn how to recycle and re-use properly within our neighborhood. Let us just start focusing on doing something constructive for the betterment of the quality of our lives.
We can also always help victims of natural disasters as well as train how to help in the rehabilitation of drug addicts within the barangay. Various parishes are already helping but you should be trained for this first. Was it President Duterte who said, “you do your job, and I will do mine”? And if he would just stop his cursing, he can be a model for one who indeed has political will to do something good for the country. But he has to stop cursing first and to be more diplomatic in his policy pronouncements.
We are for his independent foreign policy and as a historian, we can see that he has historical basis for making this country more independent and to be allies of everyone. But he just has to stop his cuss words.
Going back to doing more and talking/thinking less, if we have a mindset of being solution-focused rather than being part of the crab mentality crowd, then things will look better for our country.
It is always a good thing to remember if what we do everyday will be good for our neighborhood, our community, and our country as a whole. Let us all do something positive now.