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Talks with China brought food to fishermen’s table

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
  • Published in Opinion
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NO matter how they perceive President Rodrigo Duterte’s dealings with China, it cannot be denied that they bore fruit for our people.

Our fishermen are now back to Panatag Shoal getting fish not just for their hungry families but also for the country’s needy consumers.

Many fishing communities in Zambales and other neighboring provinces in the North are now happy knowing that the government was able to bring back their important livelihood.
Majority of Filipino breadwinners will always choose a job so he can feed his wife and children rather than be in a ‘wait and see’  situation which only the rich can afford.
Many of the affluent members of our society want to play hardball with China while disregarding the plight of our starving fishermen and their families.  They want sacrifices for long term benefits and patriotism as if they’re willing to put the lives of their own kids on the line.
In talking with China, Duterte once again proved he can bring change that can be felt by the people especially those who are unemployed and have nothing to eat.

* * *   

I hope that even in his very busy schedule, Duterte realizes that it’s time to sack government officials who are not living up to the peoples’ expectations.
How I wish Duterte notices that these non-performing public servants are not only a waste of peoples’ money but also a disgrace to his administration who vowed action and not ‘noynoying’.
I hate to say it but there’s still a lot of ‘noynoying’ at the Department of Transportation that’s why traffic condition in Metro Manila has not improved in the first 100 days of Duterte in Malacañang.
Let’s not wait for the emergency power being sought by Duterte to deal with traffic because there are so many road problems that can be solved even without it starting with illegal vendors and illegal terminals.
As I have asked before, does the government need e-power to remove illegal vendors and illegal terminals? Can’t DoTr chief Arthur Tugade work with law enforcement agencies  on this problem?
I understand that Tugade could be setting his eyes on bigger solutions with long term effects but for Pete’s sake, how long will it gonna take before people start feeling that the government is flexing its muscles to do the job?
My point is that Tugade should divide his team into two, one in-charge of the big projects and the other for the small ones that would deal with illegal vendors and illegal terminals.
That way, DoTr could have deliverables the public can appreciate and help spare Tugade and Duterte from criticisms.
For Art, try fixing the doable first. If it works, you owe me a drink. If it doesn’t, I’ll help you find another job.    

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