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  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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Alas, unlike in the past recent years, we were able to visit our departed parents’ gravesite at the Loyola Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque over the weekend without the usual, accompanying great deal of annoyance.

Just last year, I wrote about how unscrupulous people allowed to operate within the cemetery have been constantly wreaking havoc on the gravesite of my parents by cutting up the good grass and transferring them to other gravesites, leaving the tombstone out of place or destroying whatever decorations we leave behind.

Apparently, the culprits are those introducing themselves as ‘caretakers’ who offer to ‘maintain’ the gravesites in exchange for exorbitant monthly fees which one has to pay in advance.  These people will not issue receipts or any guarantee that they will keep their end of the bargain and also have no identification cards, giving one no reason to trust and believe them.
Anyway, our woes began when we turned down their offer. Since then, each time we visit the gravesite -- especially on their birthdays, death anniversary and other occasions -- we would be met by the ugly site of desecration.
This went on for a long time until I got sort of fed up and wrote about it, in the hope that the administration people were not aware of it at all and that no other gravesite had been suffering the same fate.
Apolonia Lamis, superintendent of the Loyola Memorial Park in Parañaque, emailed a  letter apologizing for the anxiety caused to our family by what she said was ‘negligence’ on the part of their interment contractors.
Lamis also said that upon learning of the matter, they immedately called the attention of the persons in charge and adopted measures to ensure that the said incident will not happen again. She also ensured that she had assigned a personnel to put grass on the ugly grassless patches dotting the gravesite and water it, too.
Indeed, Ms. Lamis had kept her word, although she no longer responded when I asked if the decors we left behind but got lost could be restored. Abuloy na namin sa kumuha ang mga ’yun.
The action taken by Ms. Lamis is laudable and is a clear proof that the management of Lo-yola does not condone the wrongdoings of people working for or with them and that customer interest is paramount. I hope they keep it that way.


Speaking of Loyola Parañaque, many were not happy about the decision to close the left turn slot near the main entrance. What made matters worse was the closure of the U-turn slot near the chapels and the entrance/exit gate which used to be open.
Those responsible for the idea should have tried the route first because what they did was plain stupid and had caused so much inconvenience that a lot of the visitors were cursing management for it.
If one had to go around the same area again either to scout for a parking area to load or unload or maybe after loading or unloading, one is left with no option but head for the other exit gate to again go back to the park.
However, once out of the gate, a ‘no U-turn’ sign had been put at the only U-turn slot which would allow the motorist to again take the Sucat road leading to the main entrance, so that those coming from the said exit are left with no other option but to violate the prohibition and ignore the sign.
If the purpose of closing the U-turn slot inside the park was to give those using the chapels more parking spaces, a provision for a single car just for the sake of being able to U-turn would not have hurt.


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Jokjok (from Julieta de Ocampo of Novaliches, Quezon City) -- Nanay: ‘Hoy totoy! Bumili ka nga ng asin sa kanto. Tapos magwalis ka ng bahay. Tapos, habang nag-aaral ka, alagaan mo ang kapatid mo kasi magluluto ako/ Totoy: Umayos ka nga ’Nay ha. Ang Diyos nga may sampung utos lang. Ikaw ang dami, talaga lang?!? Gusto mo rin bang mapako sa Krus???                                                                                                                     


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