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Rogue cops

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THE Philippine National Police (PNP), which is civilian in nature but national in scope, is supposed to serve and protect the people.

That’s why it is important to rid the 160,000-strong PNP of rogue officers and men, who continue to tarnish the image of the agency.
And so recently, Senator Grace Poe urged the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) of the PNP to pursue “relentlessly” the investigation of lawmen involved in illegal activities.
It is high time to file appropriate charges against the so-called “police scalawags” in order to cleanse the PNP of misfits, said Poe.
Rogue policemen have no place in the national police agency, which is headed by Director-General Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa, a member of Class 1986 of the Philippine Military Academy.
In the view of some quarters, it is also high time to step up the pressure on the people, including the ordinary citizens, to help the PNP leadership in the “cleansing process.”
Why should the public join the campaign to identify, arrest, prosecute and jail rogue police officers and men?
If we are to succeed in developing a new generation of outstanding policemen, then it’s time to support an earnest and no-nonsense investigation of erring policemen.
As Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueño said, there’s certainly a need to speed up the investigation if we are to rid the national police agency of scalawags.
The PNP has no choice but to ferret them out in line with the Duterte administration’s determination to regain the trust and confidence of the Filipino people.