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Megan comments on new Miss World-Philippines winner

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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MEGAN Young is asked about what she thinks of current Miss Philippines World Catriona Gray. What can she say about the opinion of some folks saying that they somewhat look alike and, as such, they think Catriona has a good chance of bagging the title like what Megan has achieved three years ago?

“I think she has a good chance of winning but it’s not because we look alike,” says Megan. “She has her own good qualities, her own identity. If ever she’d win, she’d make it on her own and let’s just pray and root for her.”

Meantime, Megan is so happy as her new show, “Alyas Robin Hood” with Dingdong Dantes, has trounced its rival in the ratings game. As one writer puts it: “Ang laki ng lamang nila, talagang napag-iwanan nila ang kalaban.”
“Happy kami talaga nina Dingdong, Andrea Torres, Jaclyn Jose, Sid Lucero, Cherie Gil and Direk Dominic Zapata sa lakas ng suporta ng viewers sa aming show,” she beams. “Kaya naman ganado kaming lahat sa taping to always give our best to make sure na mas mapaganda namin ang bawat episode ng ‘Alyas Robin Hood’.”
As Dr. Sarri in the show, Megan helps a young couple (Aaron Yanga and Suzanne Ison) give birth to their baby, but the infant was kidnapped by Nancy (Ryza Cenon). It turns out that Nancy and her doctor boyfriend are kidnapping babies for some unknown reason. Dingdong as Alyas Robin Hood manages to save his mom Jaclyn Jose from being imprisoned with the zombies and also succeeds in destroying the business of villain Dennis Padilla in selling zombie pills and its antidote.
Dennis gets so angry because of this and asks the help of Sid Lucero as Dean and Cherie Gil as Maggie so he can save his business, recover his losses and also help discover who Alyas Robin Hood really is. They intend to use the blog of Dave Bornea as Julian, Dog Eye, to find out the real identity of the crime fighting Alyas Robin Hood. Will they succeed in discovering that Dingdong as Pepe is still alive and did not really die in the accident that sent his prison vehicle crashing down the river? Don’t miss “Alyas Robin Hood” to know the answer.


CHRISTIAN Bautista’s last concert was almost five years ago at Meralco Theatre. He then did theatre in “Ghost” and “Jersey Boys” and appeared in several TV shows. Now, he goes back on the concert scene with Julie Anne San Jose at the Kia Theatre, “When Julie Anne Meets Christian”, on November 11. So how is it doing a show with Julie Anne?
“First of all, I’m glad she no longer calls me Kuya,” he says. “Kasi when we first worked together in ‘Party Pilipinas’ and ‘Sunday All Stars’, Kuya Christian ang tawag niya sa’kin. She’s now more relaxed with me and it’s a joy to work with her kasi she’s so beautiful and when I’m with her, I feel so young. She’s also a great performer, she always gives it her all so I’m excited to do this concert with her. We assure the audience they’ll have a great time.”
But don’t they belong to different genres, since he’s pop while Julie Anne does RnB? “Actually, that’s what makes it more interesting nga, kasi magkaiba kami ng genre, tapos, pagsasamahin. We can meet naman in the middle and she can also do ballads.         One other thing I admire in her is that she’s so good in social media, connecting with her fans. Ako, hindi, e. So I wish I’d be more like her who’s so active in social media. She can really conquer the world someday kasi she can do anything: sing, dance, act, host. She’s exciting to watch and still has a long way to go.”
Julie Anne is also a good dancer. Will they have a dance number together? “Unfortunately, I don’t really dance but if the audience would ask for it, gagawin ko ang lahat para lang mapasaya sila.”
What happened to his role in “Encantadia”? “It has been put on hold kasi naging very busy ako with ‘Jersey Boys’, but now that its run is about to end, then I can return na to ‘Encantadia’.”
His ex-GF Rachelle Ann Go is making waves doing theatre in London and Broadway. Doesn’t he feel any regret that she’s the one who got away? “We’ve maintained naman our friendship, so I’m very happy for her success abroad. She’s the next Lea Salonga. 'Yun naman ang dream ng bawat artist, e. To perform in London, in Broadway. Pero yung she’s the one that got away, marami naman silang that got away. Ha ha ha! But we all move on. Tapos na tayo dun.”


‘CABIN Fever’ is a remake of a 2002 sleeper hit horror flick, the directorial debut of Eli Roth who made a reputation for being a hit horror film writer-producer-director who also did the blockbuster “Hostel” and its sequel. “Cabin Fever” was made on a very cheap budget of only $1.5 million and went on to earn $35 million. It has also achieved some kind of a cult status since then.
The remake is now directed by Travis Zariwny, who directed “Midnight Man”, “Scavengers” and “Intruder”, with Eli Roth as the executive producer now. The story remains the same, with a group of five college friends renting a remote and isolated cabin in the woods for a week’s vacation. It starts with a man who chances upon a dead dog in the woods. He pokes it, its blood gets squirted on him and this infects him, destroying his skin in such a dismal way that no beauty products could possibly remedy.
The five friends are played by new actors: Gage Golightly (from the Nickelodeon series “The Troop”), Dustin Ingram (from “Paranormal Activity 3),  Nadine Crocker (from the TV series “No Ordinary Family”), Matthew Daddario (“Delivery Man”, “When the Game Stands Tall”), and Samuel Davis (“A Close Divide” and “New Hope”).
They go to the cabin to chill out, smoke pot and have plenty of wild sex, but this doesn’t last very long. Soon, one of the girls suffers from rotting boils and this puts all of them in panic mode. They have to figure out where the dreadful infection originated and how they can defend themselves from the flesh-eating organism. They end up paying for their shenanigans with their own lives.
The new director makes a few tweaks to the material for a bit of innovation. For instance, a male deputy officer in the first movie is now a woman. Of course, you can expect the deaths of the characters in the new version to be made even more cruel and violent.
Although the flesh-destroying virus is still spread by water, the ingenious new deaths offers some fresh new spin on the material, sort of. A great edge of “Cabin Fever” is its very simplistic script and story setup so that the actual payoff is somewhat more compelling that what you may have expected.
The young cast does a great job of being tormented and dying on cam, with each one of them given his or her own moment of suffering. If you enjoy and cherish watching gore and how these five people disintegrate on screen in the course of an hour and a half, then there’s no doubt that “Cabin Fever” is the movie you have long been waiting for.
No doubt its quirkiness and grossness will thrill you, but also, each character is different and somehow, you make a connection with them and do come to care about them even before the carnage begins. “Cabin Fever” is showing in theaters starting tomorrow, released by Viva International Pictures.