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Solons to Pinoys: Continue rallying behind Duterte

  • Written by Ryan Ponce Pacpaco
  • Published in Nation
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LAWMAKERS strongly urged yesterday Filipinos to continue rallying behind the government for the betterment of the country following the high 86% approval and trust ratings of President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte during his first 100 days in office.

House Deputy Speaker and Batangas Rep. Raneo Abu and Isabela Rep. Rodolfo “Rodito” Albano III welcomed the strong public support to the administration of Duterte.
“President Duterte’s high approval and trust rating for his three months in office reflects the overwhelming support of the Filipino people for his policy of change in government which is the paramount of his campaign promises. It should inspire the administration to continue its fight on illegal drugs, crime, terrorism and corruption to sustain the momentum of economic growth,” said Abu.
“People love the guy (President Duterte), he is identified as one of amongst them. They share his passion and crusade. That’s why they embrace him,” according to Albano.
Meanwhile, House Senior Deputy Minority Leader and Buhay Hayaang Yumabong (Buhay) party-list Rep. Lito Atienza urged Duterte to heed the guidance of his “kuya,” former President Fidel Ramos, regarding the proper way for the Philippine National Police (PNP) to wage the war on drugs.
“We strongly support the brotherly advice of Mr. Ramos, for President Duterte to compel police officers to restrain themselves, and to order them to simply incapacitate rather than kill suspects,” Atienza said.
“Mr. Ramos is absolutely correct. We are after all still a government of laws, and not of men. The police do not have a license to kill suspects. The duty of the police is to apprehend and gather enough evidence against suspects so they may be put on trial,” Atienza said.
Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles and PBA party-list Rep. Jericho Nograles, who are brothers, said the latest Pulse Asia survey was an affirmation of the people’s support not only to President Duterte’s leadership but to his programs and policies.
“The Pulse Asia survey reinforces our belief that indeed, ‘change’ has come. In less than four months, President Duterte has achieved unparalleled success in responding to our clamor and aspirations that fell in deaf ears during the past dispensation,” Karlo, who chairs the House committee on appropriations, said.
Jericho said the Pulse Asia survey is a clear manifestation that the Filipino people is fully behind  Duterte.
“It shows that our people are prepared to take the journey with our President in his pursuit for a free and truly sovereign nation,” Jericho said.
The Pulse Asia survey results which were released on Wednesday, showed that Duterte got 86 percent on  approval and trust ratings.
The survey was conducted with 1,200 respondents nationwide from September 25 to October 1.
The Pulse Asia survey got the highest approval rating from Mindanao, with 93 percent of respondents appreciating his work; this was followed by Visayas (88 percent); Luzon (84 percent), and National Capital Region (80 percent).
Pulse Asia said that “ambivalence” toward Duterte’s performance “is more pronounced than outright disapproval.”